Writer, blog thyself.

Okay, so here’s a place I didn’t expect to be. A blog.

Blog… The word conjurs up first images of uppity, self important crum bumbs, throwing around buzz words and popular internet jive while they listen to political hip hop and cnn reports of celebrity scandals. Quickly veered away from those horrors, less image and more feel is found in shivers of sheeple, jumping on the bandwagon of popular prevelance and happily adding to the heaps of quickly abandoned flotsam and… erm, netsam?

No, it’s cool that people blog. Celebrity obsession or not, it’s something they like. Can’t fault em too much for that, especially when part of this blog’s about toy robot obsession. More like, I hate the feeling of being so late to the scene (or even saying ‘scene’ in a social context) that it seems I’m just doing it because it’s popular.

Let it be known, this is not me hopping on a bandwagon.

So what is it, then?

Fine, fine. I’ll get to the point.  I’m interested in a bunch of different things, and I don’t want to end up a jack of all trades and master of none. So for one, this blog is to help me focus. Gathering together what’s here and there should keep them from attempting to pull me in different directions. Next, I want a place to present some of the things I write. That’s everything from possibly an ‘at least one entry a week’ story, to poetry, photo comics, and transformers customization guides. I like to cook, and I’ll have recipes on here. Expect rants on movies I watch, and maybe even tv shows, comics, and books. I’m also an amatuer magician, so you might see something about that.

And also, this is to be a journal of my journey as I take the road less traveled. Of not just what I write, but how, and maybe even why.

I’m currently thinking about theme and presentation. Gotta make it look more respectable. I don’t want to go with a pre-made theme, but we’ll see. Thanks to Joey Calvey for the help and the hosting.

And Next week: Ironhide.

~Matt Booker

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