Ironhide Week Part 4

Step 3 – Second Backpack Fix

The second backpack mod is the natural conclusion to the first. Now that the wheels can even attempt fitting into the backpack, we need to make them fit.

Shocking, I know.

This mod will give you that extra bit of clearance for the head and let the backpack fold completely around and securely click into place. As before, this was probably how it was meant to be, but safety testing added extra plastic.

So, who’s up for making Ironhide more dangerous?

The presumed meddling of the safety standards has left us with a toy that not only doesn’t fit together all the way, but children forcing things into place will probably result in more broken Ironhides than without the safety standards. o_0

But we’re adult collectors, and we’re more careful than that.

*glares at all the people who broke Lockdown’s hands by trying to force them*

With that in mind, you should consider that the backpack left with just the first mod is under stress from the tires trying to fit. That might be fine for now, but eventually that plastic is going to have problems.

The wheels do fit properly, but that’s what this second backpack fix is for. You have remove two screws and shave down the raised areas that contained them.

The circled area in that picture shows how it seems the wheels were designed without those two raised areas in mind. Without them, there’s just enough clearance in the backpack for the wheels to come completely to the top.

If you’ve been following along, you should know how to shave by now. Here’s a picture of the removed screws and the result of careful cutting.

The shape of the plastic and the way the two pieces comfortably lock into each other means that one screw is plenty to hold the backpack in place. You won’t have any accidental rotations, and it’s still sturdy enough to be a part of Ironhide. :)

When you’re done, reassemble and enjoy your almost awesome Ironhide.

The backpack should now fold completely down and click into place on the bottom of the wheel well pieces. This also lets it sit snugly up against the back of the central piece, making for a more unified midsection.

See you all tomorrow for Part 5 of Ironhide Week!

~Matt Booker

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