Can’t scrub, Clown’ll soap me…

So, I’m sitting on the toilet and-

What, you don’t think it bodes too well when a story starts out like that?

Hey, I’m just trying to set up some perspective, here. The point is, I was sitting right across from the bathroom sink, where a casual glance at the soap bottle scared the shit out of me.

Do you see it? There, in the corner, is a juggalo…

Okay, so toilet humor aside, not really scary. More like, “WTF? Is that a friggin juggalo on the soap bottle?”

It’s actually some kind of wave design, and is one of those things that you either see or you don’t. If you don’t know what a juggalo is, you’re probably better off. Think of a chubby clown with lots of face paint and dreadlocks. See it now?

For actual images, do a google image search for “juggalo dreadlocks” and you’ll probably find plenty of them.

~Matt Booker

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