Awesome Stingers and You, Part 1

Animated Bumblebee is an underrated figure, hobbled with the cheap appearance of yellow plastic, different tones of yellow, and a crappy stinger gimmick. In spite of this, I really wanted to like the little guy.

But something had to be done about his stinger. He needed something better looking, and two of them!

After mulling it over for a while (and convincing my future Mrs. to let me hack away at her hard-to-find Bumblebee), I figured out a good way to do it. The result is a fairly easy custom to make, but one that’s much more awesomer than the original.

Join me all this week for Awesome Stingers and You, and turn your deluxe TF Animated Bumblebee from a sad single-stinger stooge


into a dual-wielding full-stinger slinger of acrobatic awesome!

Click the picture for the full version!

Continued tomorrow!

~Matt Booker

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