Awesome Stingers and You, part 2

Step 1: Cut a Hole in the Box

Step 1: Obtain an Extra Bumblebee

This step should be self-explanatory, but that’s not stopped me before…

Go buy another Bumblebee, if you don’t have a spare already. If you’ve got one for spare parts, broken or otherwise, just make sure the stinger pieces are still in good shape. Bumblebee might be a bit harder to find now that his repaint is on the shelves, but check around online (maybe even ebay) and you can find one.

Early scalpers seemed to snatch him up in hopes of a repeat of the first few waves of concept Camero movie Bumblebee, who showed up en masse much later. Personally, I come from a small town where I was the only tf collector. I pretty much had my pick of the shelves. I didn’t have to deal with scalpers, and I’ve only had to bludgeon a couple of kids.

Three, tops.

Anyway… You can keep the extra bee for kitbash scraps, give it to a kid, or put him in lewd poses to impress your friends and family.


Step 2- Remove Pin Hinge and Stinger

We need the stingers off his arms, and at least one pair needs to be unbroken.

Just remove the pins from the hinge joint and keepĀ  them safe. You’ll also need to make sure that at least two of the arms are in good condition, and that the four stinger pieces match up to form a full stinger each.

So, how do you remove a pin hinge?

I’m glad you might’ve asked! In fact, that deserves it’s own post.

Come back tomorrow and find out!

~Matt Booker

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