Awesome Stingers and You, part 4

Step 4: Where to cut on the new stinger piece

Remove the two stinger halves from your extra Bumblebee. Next, you need to cut the plastic so each singer looks like the following pictures.

You can use any method you like, but I took a pair of very sharp meat shears (I love to cook, so I had them around.) and chopped off most of what needed cut. After that I cleaned up with the razor blade, shaving off bits until I was satisfied.

Here’s where it’s handy to already have the other stingers attached to your Bumblebee. Combine the half you’re working on to the one on your bee and see how much you need to cut before it sits the way you want.

You can use these pictures for reference.

Don’t go all choppy choppy if things don’t quite fit. Carefully shave the plastic, checking each time you make an adjustment.

Once you have it the way you want it, the stingers are complete! Now all that’s left with this mod is cutting Bumblebee himself.

Join me tomorrow for part 5, where we go hack happy on Bumblebee’s arm!

~Matt Booker

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