Awesome Stingers and You, part 5

Step 6: Where to Carve on Forearm

Emo readers take note, I’m talking about Bumblebee’s forearm.

Man, that joke almost makes me want the repaint…

Okay, so since the stinger is positioned differently on his forearm, for it to fold away more we have to carve a chunk out of his arm. This isn’t anything major, and the yellow plastic seemed to cut easier than the clear blue stingers.

Just shave away with the razorblade until the notch is deep enough for the stinger to fold most of the way in. Don’t make it too deep or you’ll reduce the structural stability, though that’s probably not that much of an issue.

Keep in mind that when in alt mode his hand will be folded in there too, so I carved deep enough that the stinger just barely touches his finger.


Here are a couple more pictures to use as reference, showing the folded stinger in full and half modes.

The full stinger doesn’t look much worse than his pre-Jin-fix stingers, but if it really bothers you then detach the extra half.

No, there’s nowhere to store it. Guess Hasbro and I have that in common.


There’s a few other things I’m going to note about this custom.

When in alt-mode, you can store the stingers in his ‘trunk.’ Credit goes to my fiancée for suggesting that and pointing out to me that he even had a trunk.

There should be ample room for any fuzzy cube thingies, miniature human female replicas, or, well I don’t know what that thing is.

I also position his head differently in alt mode. I think it fits better this way. His chin seems like it was meant to go between his knees. … Hinge-hole….

Here’s a couple of pictures to show you what I mean.


Something else… You can combine the two extra halves to form a single stinger, just in case any spiders are about…

“Is that really how your power stealing is supposed to work?”


Here’s a few more pictures of Bumblebee with full stingers.

Well, there you have it. I hope this guide encourages others to make their Bumblebee more awesome, especially those who’ve never tried to customize before.

Let me know if you liked it, or if you’re going to do the mod.

~Matt Booker

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  1. Thanks for the idea. I think I’ll do that to my BB right now. And even if I screw up, his stingers aren’t that big of a deal. He IS awesome, by the way.

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