Animated Blitzwing – Arm \ Wing Mod – Part 1

Welcome to a step by step ADVENTURE to better wings for Transformers Animated Blitzwing. Today kicks off the first day in a week long extravaganza that culminates in a much more mobile bot.

I was really anticipating Blitzwing, and he’s pretty cool right out of the package. He’s got some flaws, but (if you like the character) they’re mostly forgivable.

His tank mode is both hefty and cute, a softball sized chibi chunk of h.i.s.s. inspired awesome. (Do I use that adjective too much? I blame the internets.) It manages to capture the tfa style of caricature while looking lethal enough to smash opposing autobots. It’s hard to look badass and adorable, but Blitzwing’s tank mode manages it.

His jet mode, however, is a little awkward. They could’ve hid the tank treads better if they were shaped differently, and maybe had the plane stretch out more to further differentiate itself from the tank mode. But I do like it… There’s a certain charm to it. Blitzwing is a triple changer with three distinct personalities fighting for control at any given time, so it seems natural that when he scanned two alt-modes they turned out so haphazard. It’s like he slapped together as much of each alt mode as he could fit onto his frame. What results is a jet that, while flyable, isn’t the prettiest.

His bot mode is great, but one thing really bothered me about it. Blitzwing’s wings are attached at the shoulders (instead of on his back, like on TFA), which doesn’t bother me so much as how they move along with the shoulders. If Blitzwing reaches forward for something, so do his wings. Consider that his wings are longer than his arms and you’ve got some pretty awkward posability.

Join me all this week and turn your Blitzwing from, well, he’s pretty cool in the first place. But he can be better.

Um… Let me try that again.

Join me all this week and turn your Blitzwing from a awkward armed automaton


into a triumphant triple-changing terror of…

Um, Blitzwing? What are you-

“I’m breaking da copyright law! Ah hahahahaha!

“I’m gerBlitz!”

Okay. I get it…

“As opposed to girlie bits. I’m all cockpit, und der ladies love it, ya?”

Okay, so this looks like an interesting week.

Don’t miss out, and come back tomorrow for part 2 and step 1!

~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Animated Blitzwing – Arm \ Wing Mod – Part 1

  1. Thanks! He can also pull off a passable battle pod, but ‘Zentreadi BattleBlitz’ seemed more awkward. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  2. I’m reading up on these customs lately. I’ve started on the road to an Awesome Ironhide, but I nearly died laughing at “GerBlitz”!LOL I like customs with teh funny!:D

  3. Or maybe he could pull off a TimberWolf/Madcat omnimech from Battletech. He might be refered as TimberWing (or BlitzCat to the Inner Sphere).
    (Okay, that was weird and it may not interest you)

  4. I’ve played Mechwarrior 3050 on SNES but that’s about it.

    And your post wasn’t weird or even off topic, two things were are pretty common on this website. So no need for apologies.

    ~Matt Booker

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