Animated Blitzwing – Arm \ Wing Mod – Part 4

Step 3: Other

While Blitzy’s napping, now’s a great time to do some minor touch ups to make him even better.

First, if you fold Blitzwing’s legs up so they form the treads of his alt modes, you’ll find his knees are molded like treads but not painted black. A sharpie works well enough to fix this, and the locations are easy to find (as illustrated by Soundwave, below.)

The sharpie shines a different color, but doesn’t look much different when not in glaring light. If that bothers you, just paint it to match.

Another thing that will help you enjoy Blitzwing is to shave a bit off of his backpack tab. It’s that tab in between his shoulders that snaps into the backpack, and on mine it fit too tightly in the slot. Rather than feel like you’re going to break him every time you transform him from bot mode, take a razor blade (or sharp instrument of your choice) and lightly shave a bit from the sides of the tab. Be careful, and just barely do it as it doesn’t take much.

Join me tomorrow for step 4 and part 5 of Awesomer Blitzwing!

~Matt Booker

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