Animated Blitzwing – Arm \ Wing Mod – Part 5

Step 4: Examine Wings

Looking closely at the wings, you’ll find that they are attached via a round black peg. This particular kind of peg is often used as a swivel joint. Two examples would be Animated Ratchet and Starscream, as both their legs have a swivel joint using a connector similar to this.

So what keeps this peg from being a joint? Little ridges of plastic that are just begging to be shaved!

There was probably some safety issue involved, but the wings’ difference in durability is hardly any at all. I want to say ‘especially for careful collectors’ but I don’t want anyone to think that this makes them delicate. It doesn’t, and they are still sturdy and since you can rotate them out of the way they are probably less likely to come off during play posing.

This also does not affect his transformation or the stability of his alt modes. The wings still securely clip into each other so rotation is not an issue. In fact, it’s easier to transform him because the wings can be rotated out of the way while you clip or unclip his arms together.

“Just tell them it’s your cybertronian mode. It worked for me.”

“Are you grabbing your own-“

“OHV COURSE! I alvays fly by za seat ohv my PANTS!”

By the way, Megatron is standing at that angle unsupported. He is very well balanced!

Part 6 and step 5 are next!

~Matt Booker

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