Animated Blitzwing – Arm \ Wing Mod – Part 6

Step 5: Carving

It’s time to get down to the real work of the mod. Enough plotting and planning, it’s time to go all choppy choppy! Now that we’ve worked our way through the basics, it’s time to take a careful approach to carving off the restrictive plastic.

Shave along the red area until the ridges are mostly smooth and even with the rest of the wing. Basically anything that’s sticking up in the red colored area should be shaved flat. Well, except the peg, but that should be obvious as it’s what we’re wanting to unrestrict.

That, and it’s what attaches the wing to his shoulder.


The best way is just to look at it yourself and think about how it will need to rotate around the black piece on Blitzwing’s shoulder. Now that you understand the principle, you should be able to fine tune my description into an action.

I used a razor blade. For proper holding techniques, see my post on how to hold a razor blade. You should probably use something safer.


“OOH! Does zis make me EMO? AH HAHAHAHAHA!


Only one part left in our Awesomer Blitzwing ADVENTURE, and it’s up next!

~Matt Booker

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