Animated Blitzwing – Cannon Mod and More Part 1


Now that I’ve got your attention…

Yes, another Blitzwing guide. This time around I’ve got the usual extras, like a fix to a widespread issue that some of you might not even realize is there, and another wing modification that I’m kind of iffy about.

Oh, and a cannon mod. :D

It is by no means as essential as the first wing modification, but who doesn’t want Blitzwing to have pivoting shoulder cannons in just six easy steps?

Several of you, but that’s just the law of averages.


Most Blitzwing owners would like his cannons to pivot over his shoulders,  and some have even tried… People have done things like attaching the cannons to his shoulders, or even using sticky clay. But turning Blitzwing into a parts-former is not the answer!

I has it, and if you come adventure I’ll show you how to give your Blitzwing some weapons in bot mode.

“Zat’s enough! I am sick ohv all zis crap about me not having veapons! I vill crush you vit my bare hands!”


But… isn’t it better to have more than one way to destroy your enemies?

“No! Zhere ihz nothing like za feel of circuits snapping, bot to bot, spattered wit za gush ohv a broken mech’s fresh oil…”


That’s not exactly what I meant…

“On za ohzer hand, zhere’s less chance ohv personal damage ven firing from afar.”




“Ooh! Can I fire little Christina Aguilara monsters vit zem?”


… Yes. Yes you can.

“Excellent. Sign me up, zen.”


Really? But you…

“Oh, I see. You’re stereotyping me.”


No, that’s not it at all. You can be silly sometimes too…

“I vill show you silly! Silly like a crushed, uh… you!


That’s it!


“Okay, okay. I get your point. I vill submit to za mod.”

Respect my authoritai!

“Your palms are like hobbit feet!”

“It’s like a brillo pad!”


“Yay! I’m gonna be sick!


Okay! Join me tomorrow for part 2 and step 1 of…

Awesomerest Blitzwing- Cannon Mod and More!

~Matt Booker

13 thoughts on “Animated Blitzwing – Cannon Mod and More Part 1

  1. Yes. I like Invader Zim. :)

    So, wait. Jeffery Dhalmation?


    Are you a cannibal puppy or something?

    ~Matt Booker

  2. I just found your site thanks to Monty at I finally have a use for OcTankor! Piece of junk might as well be good for something.

    Love teh website and the guides. I’m going to do this one especially, even if Yo is being a douche.

  3. Monty linked me at OAFE? Thanks Monty! I’ve been reading that site for years now. I always at least stop by for Transformer Tuesday, and Artemis’s Bionicle reviews.

    Glad you like the site. Hope the mod goes well for you.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I’ve been linking you all over the place.

    That sounded much stranger than it should have.

    Also, somehow, this site isn’t blocked by my school’s crazy strict web filter.

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