Animated Blitzwing – Cannon Mod and More Part 3


Step 2: Obtain Parts

*looks around*

Okay. It seems Sunstreaker didn’t see that title, so on with the content.

There are several options open when considering how to get Blitzwing’s cannons to pivot down over his shoulders. His current setup involves a cannon piece with a peg that attaches it to a hinge joint on his backpack. The peg lets the cannon swivel and keeps it secure while the hinge, um, hinges to allow the cannons to reposition for each of his modes.

With all this in mind, to get his cannons to pivot we not only need a joint that will pivot, but also a means to secure the cannon to the hinge joint while also allowing it to rotate. To complicate things further, the joint must either fit inside the existing cannons or look like an extension of them.

The first thing an enterprising kitbasher should do is look through his existing toys to see if there’s some parts that can be used. Obviously, first to be picked through are the ones in the ‘scrap’ and ‘sale’ piles, but something kept nagging at me. It was an inkling of an idea, and it involved my fiancee’s activators Bumblebee.

His legs looked just right for the job. They had a hinge joint for the knee, and a rotating thigh that I could fit around the cannons existing peg. No matter how much I like the little guy, I couldn’t shake the thought.

So, I discussed it with her. She likes to humor support me in this part of my hobby, but it’s usually my toys I’m chopping up. She likes the Awesome Stingers I made for her deluxe Bumblebee, and thought the guides for it and my other Blitzwing mod were funny, but her Bee wouldn’t be walking (or transforming) after this.

Later on, we went shopping and she proposed the idea of just buying another activator’s Bee, as we’d seen plenty of them lately.

And by ‘lately’, I mean ‘every day before that day.’ Someone came in and bought them all, and only Bulkhead and a few staggered Starscreams remained.

We came home to a grisly sight, a true spectacle of the macabre… While we were out, someone had brutally dismembered my Cybertron Swerve. Sure, he was just a scout class figure, and one of the few in my ‘sale’ pile that wasn’t spoken for yet, but this was brutal.

More squeamish readers may want to avert their eyes from the following photos…

Ratchet would later confirm that whatever tried to gnaw through his crotch, it wasn’t Laserbeak.

The barest hint of a spark remains, but it’s doubtful he’ll remember much of what happened.

Our only clue was this neat arrangement of parts.

A calling card, perhaps? But upon closer inspection, these parts appeared to be a good start at what I needed for Blitzwing. A ball joint! That would let the cannons pivot and rotate! Too bad these parts were red, and even if I put the legs up inside the cannons the joint would still be red.

At least the shoulder joint could go to good use.

My thoughts turned back to Bumblebee again. His legs had ball joints, and even if that didn’t work out I could go with the original plan.

Here’s a picture my web cam took while we were shopping.

It’s of Bumblebee and Swerve having a footrace. Adorable! I’d just have to buy another Bee online, because I couldn’t chop up this one for a mod.

Then my fiancee said she’d just keep the new one. Woo! Looks like I wouldn’t have to wait 6-8 days for delivery after all.

It was late, and we had places to be in the morning. So, with thoughts of mods and mutilations, I slept snug and sound. Early enough, we were off and out doing things that collectors and modders that have lives apart from collecting and modding are often wont to do.

But when we returned…

My spare Octane had been murdered! Not just severely wounded, but offlined! Chopped in half, and right down the cockpit to split the head in half within his chest.

Activators Bumblebee had spent the morning playing with Optimus Prime’s rocket powered axe, when purely by accident he stumbled across the leaking wreckage. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem too traumatized (it probably helps that it was a Decepticon), and proudly posed for that crime scene picture.

He even tried to help with the investigation.

Here he is, re-enacting his idea of how the murder may have happened. Such a helpful little scamp!

Haha! But the clean cut of Octane’s bisection rules out the rough serrations of the jagged Comb of Doom. The first wound would appear to be the cockpit cut, and given the alt-mode of its occurrence, Octane was probably flying at the time. The attacker was probably a flier, or using some sort of rocket propelled weapon.

Animated Optimus Prime, perhaps?

No, his axe was with Bumblebee all morning.

Saved by an alibi this time, Prime!


Could innocent little Bumblebee be connected with this, somehow?

He was the last one seen with Swerve, and found Octane’s crime scene… And had a rocket powered axe the morning that it happened!

But Classics, um… Classics Activators Prowl assures me the incidents have nothing in common.

“I assure you these incidents have nothing in common.”


Phew! That’s a relief. (He’s a copologist, you know.)

Not one to let a good body go to waste, I was about to throw Octane in the parts pile when I noticed he’d be even better for the Blitzwing mod than Bumblebee. He has a center ball joint piece and two hip joints that would look great attached to the two cannons on Blitzwing’s backpack.

Even better, it just so happens the peg part of Octane’s ball joints fit snugly in the hole on Blitzwing’s hinge joint! So snug you might not want to use glue. It was like they were made with each other in mind.

Was it really some crazed, homicidal bot that brought them together? Or was it simply meant to be?


This is starting to lean towards fanfiction, so that’s it for today. See you tomorrow for part 4 and step 3!

~Matt Booker

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