Animated Blitzwing – Cannon Mod and More Part 5


Step 4: Ew, it’s all sticky!

Now that we have cut apart, we need to unite! Having been forewarned of the dangers of glue and the possible abuse thereof, I can expect you to act responsibly during the next step.

Don’t let the title fool you. This is totally cereal.


In the above picture you’ll find blue colored areas to indicate where to apply a thin layer of your favorite adhesive. The red arrows indicate how to attach the pieces together.

I suggest you get the positioning worked out the way you want before you apply the glue.

The joint pieces are a little smaller than the bottom of the cannon, but if you center them they still look great.

Repeat for the other cannon and let them sit for a few hours so the parts have time to bond. Once that is done, we need to glue the peg into the backpack’s hinge hole. I don’t have a picture for this, but if you own a Blitzwing you’ve probably discovered it by having a cannon pop off during transformation. (They can only be facing a certain way or it doesn’t fit against the backpack.)

As I said earlier, the peg fits very snug in the hinge hole. (Okay, now I’m just saying it on purpose. I should probably stop it.) Hinge hole. Sorry. So… As I was saying, you might not even want to use glue. I’d rather be safe than have a lost cannon, so I opted for glue.

When gluing it, be careful not to have the hinge against the backpack in case any glue drips down and it decides to no longer hinge. I just applied a thin layer around the hole and a tiny bit on the peg itself.

Another tip I should mention is that you should have the peg attached to the cannon while you do this. The cannon will keep the peg from sliding too far down in the hole. If the gun is in the ‘up’ position for Blitzwing’s bot mode, you can slide it down enough to touch the hinge itself. That’s because the way the joint is designed, as the cannon rotates forward it actually gains a bit of clearance.

Again, test this out before you apply the glue, so you’re sure about where you want it.

Also be sure not to get any glue on the joint itself. You don’t want your cannon glued into position. If you do get some on it, just let the glue sit for a minute or two so the peg and the hinge have time to bond a little, then work the cannon around until it’s loose.

I speak from experience, there.

But hey, if the ball joint ever gets loose, you’d have to do that anyway. Whatever helps me sleep at night.

Repeat for the other cannon, let them sit for a few hours, and there you have it.

They sit at an angle when rotated, but I’m fine with that. To get them more level you’d have to have a taller jointed piece (making the cannons too big), add a hinge higher up on the cannon itself (leaving tiny barrels over his shoulders), or some kind of sliding piece with a hinge joint so it could extend and then let the cannons rotate down (not practical or at least beyond the extent of mods I was going to do for this.)


The mod doesn’t effect his plane mode much.


Tank mode, however, gains a new level of kickass- bigger, positionable guns!

That last one looks like his tank mode is sad. Reminds me of the Tick’s antennae.

Okay, so that was better cannons in 4 easy steps. But those law of averages ‘don’t want better cannons’ people probably can’t count anyway. Stick around, though, as there’s two more steps!

Tomorrow- Get Good Helmet!

~Matt Booker

3 thoughts on “Animated Blitzwing – Cannon Mod and More Part 5

  1. I discovered that putting a bit of paper in the “hinge-holes” will work to keep the modified cannons in place. The glue absolutely would not stay on mine, so I put some paper of the “hinge-holes” and pushed it in with the cannons’ new pegs. They stay just fine, and are removable as well.

  2. Shortly after reading this, I was thinking of a way to make the cannons even better.

    I’m sure I don’t have the skills required to do this, but I’m pretty sure it’d work.

    Basically, my idea is to do what you’ve done, but get two longer pegs, maybe from some figure’s staff or something, and put those in place of the pegs you’ve used. Then when the cannons are where they should be for tank mode, take them off, replace the pegs like I said, and drill *through* the peg-holes, into the cannon-rotatey-thing (His backpack). Then the long pegs should be able to slide in for tank mode. Then you put him in jet mode, and you’d have to cut away a tiny bit of plastic from the grey thingies on the treads (the long pegs would run into them).

    It’d be a lot more complicated, but essentially you could have the cannons in robot mode able to go up and over his shoulders, without affecting the cannons in the other modes. He could theoretically even shoot down!

    I don’t know what would be needed to do this, but I know I don’t have it. I would like to see it though. =P

    Oh, and I cracked up during this Adventure. XD

  3. Hmm. It could work, but I’m fine with how he is now. I wouldn’t mind seeing it, though. You should give it a try.

    And glad to hear you had fun. If you liked it, tell your friends!

    ~Matt Booker

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