Animated Blitzwing – Cannon Mod and More Part 7


Step 6: Another Wing Mod

Yes, another one. But this one’s all a matter of taste. Unlike the first wing mod, you’re not going to have to worry about an angry, umodded Blitzwing trying to smash you out of frustration.

This mod allows his wings to sweep forward more in plane mode. It’s not really necessary, and I’m not sure if I’d do it again because I rarely have them swept forward this much. Maybe I’ve grown too used to them being swept back.

I’ve seen some people recommend just pushing it forward until the parts break, but you risk breaking the whole thing. Take a look at the pictures here, and if you like the wings swept forward then look at the pictures in this step and cut as indicated.


One thing that irks me a bit is that to swing them forward, you have to lift the shoulder pieces into ‘tank’ position so the wings will have enough clearance.


Here’s a before shot, with the red colored area indicating what you need to cut off.

Anyone else think that looks like a communist Mickey Mouse hat? o_0


This is what the result should look like. It also illustrates the new range of motion.


And while you have the black sharpie out…

Wait, you didn’t have it out?

“Duuuuuude… Mondo stache.”


Gorram it, Headmaster!

~Matt Booker

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