Welcome Lil Formers Fans!

Thanks for visiting my strange little section of the internets. Here you’ll find my personal blog, which ranges from writings, rants, photo comics, food, and step by step guides for fixing and customizing Transformers.

In regards to those, you’ll find the main guides in a handy index. I’m not experienced at painting, scratch building, or advanced modding. However, I’m pretty good at fixing problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Want an Ironhide who’s head can look up without having his crotch so far forward he’s practically begging for a roshambo?

How about improving the arm articulation of TFA Blitzwing by getting those wings out of the way? What about cannons that pivot over his shoulders?

And wouldn’t it be nice if deluxe TFA Bumblebee had better stingers?

You’ll find all of that and more in the Guide Index.

I started modding last summer, and fixing things that everybody complained about but no one had fixed. Since I was figuring it out as I went, I decided to document my progress. People seemed to like it, and now so can you. :D

Each guide has plenty of pictures, lots of step by step instructions, and the comfort of knowing that even if you’re new at this- so was I.  Take a chance, fix the things about your tfs that bother you, and know that I’m always happy to help if you need advice.


Next Monday kicks off S.O.S. Dinobot! (Save Our Swoop) with a week long guide on how to give Swoop a fully flaming flail (If you’ve seen Paugh’s mod, the flames on mine are much bigger than that!) and fix a problem with his robot mode. As usual, expect the guide to be drizzled in my succulent style of humor.

And now I’m hungry…

Okay. Go, read the guides, even if you don’t do the mods you’ll probably have fun. And if you like those, start from the beginning and see all the cool stuff I post in between the guides!

If you have questions, suggestions, lols, or complaints, leave me a comment to let me know.

~Matt Booker

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  1. I can’t wait to see the Swoop guide. If you can make it look awesome enough I might actually buy one!!

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