S.O.S. Dinobot! Part 2


Step 1: Cut a Box in the Hole

What? Hey, I had a really funny one, but it crossed a line.

Okay, so I cross the line quite a bit on here, but I have to at least appear a bit respectable from time to time.

It can’t all be Streaker and Norman humping toys killed by Bumblebee and Venom.

Actually… That sounds AWESOME!


Yes? … Oh. Right. Respectability.



(I’ll do the joke for the next guide!)


Oh come on. It’s not like you’ll be in that one.



Are those your only expressions?



Gotcha. On with the guide!


Step 1: Halve Flail, Full Win

See what I did there? Wordplay. Eat it, Mraz!

*Is actually thankful it’s not laundry day.*

Hmm… Those references had a single person in mind, so I’ll consider the obscure joke quota filled for this guide.

So, anyway, take out the two screws that are holding the flail together. You should now have three pieces- two halves of the spikey ball and a clear orange piece (attached to the handle by a chain.) Examine them!

The two halves…

And two views of the orange piece…


There was much talk of his mace when previewed before Swoop’s actual release. Each of the other dinobots had pop out flames of some design (Grimlock has his badass sword, and Slag has his badass… shoulders.) But alas, when Peaugh of tfw2005 obtained one early (it fell off the truck factory…), it was soon revealed that Swoop lacked any sort of fiery articulation.

Sort of.

As you can see, Swoop does have flames, they’re just hidden. A fire inside, if you will.

*dodges tomatos thrown at him*

*dodges leather panties thrown at him by Davey Havoc fans*

Too much? Fine, see if I break the 4th wall with you again.

No, really, watch for more of it.

Also notice that that those clearly sculpted flames have a center piece that fits a groove in the spiky ball halves. The obvious presence of this and the design of the mace itself means this was probably an abandoned concept. Either it was far along in development when the idea was scrapped, or the designer left it in for adventurous customizers.

Unfortunately, the design of the mace makes this a tricky task. How to get around those screw posts?

Peaugh came up with a way, but the flames don’t pop out as far as I’d like them to. They just kind of peek out, and mostly at the tips. His mod did inspire me to do my own, though. And his is easier and less involved.

But hey, my mod has bigger, more prominent flames!


So go watch Peaugh’s youtube video of his mod in action, and compare it to the photos here. That’s your assignment for tonight!

See you tomorrow for Step 2 and part 3 of S.O.S. Dinobot!

~Matt Booker

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