S.O.S. Dinobot! Part 4


Step 3: The Less Hard Part


“What? Why you cut to picture of Grimlock?!”

“Me not have problem, but YOU about to have GRIMLOCK as problem!”

Norman did it?

“Where little man? Him always taste like pineapple. Grimlock show him who hard!”


That… That’s not something I’m going to photograph. Even if he didn’t mean it how it sounded.


Back to the step at hand, today we take care of the mace part of Swoop’s soon to be flaming flail!

Grab a sharp or spinney thing, and take a look at these pictures.


Before carving…


After carving


Here’s an altered version of that first picture. The parts colored red should be cut off and shaved down.


Why do this? The best way to get around the screw post problem is to get rid of them. If you put the flame piece in on either half, you should be able to slide it up and down pretty freely. Pay special attention to carving the two ridges near the tip of each half, as you don’t have to carve down all the way, but enough for the flames to be able to slide out while keeping the two halves flush. Put the two halves together with the flame in the middle if you need to test it, but the mace is going to be a bit wobbly at the moment.

That’s taken care of tomorrow in step 4 and part 5 of S.O.S. Dinobot!

~Matt Booker

One thought on “S.O.S. Dinobot! Part 4

  1. Hey there. I’m Luke, the guy Doug keeps threatening to introduce you to when he’s in Macomb. Since he fails at following through on his threats, I don’t know any other TF collectors in town, and I keep reading your blog and feeling like a stalker, I figured I’d take some initiative and say hi… especially after finding the Blurr/Swindle/Blazing Lockdown wave at Wally earlier, which I figured you might like a heads-up on, but had to go through Doug to deliver it.

    I tried looking for another way to contact you, and I’m probably just blind and missing it, so here I am, adding a comment that has nothing to do with your blog. Ah well. Doug can pass it along my contact info, should you want it.

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