S.O.S. Dinobot! Part 6


Step 5: Save Our Swoop!

Today’s step fixes a problem on Swoop that may not be obvious at first. Even though Swoop is so thinly built, he’s tough and flexible. Unfortunately, that flexibility combines with a problem in the mold to make a Swoop that (if not fixed) will eventually develop stress marks.

First, we’ll have Ratchet administer some local anesthetic so this will be as painless as possible for Swoop.

“Don’t worry kid, I’ll use my EMP. Now just hold still…”

(EMP- Extra Massive Pounder)

If you don’t have Animated Ratchet, any blunt object will do.

Not that you’re blunt, Ratchet.

“Did you hear me complaining?”

Well, no, but-

“Do I look like I care what you think?”


“Well I do.”


Well, okay then. I think that you-

“Sarcasm. Do you have that here on earth?”

Yes, but you didn’t-

“What about rhetorical questions?”

I see…

“I’m going back to the shelf.”

Okay, so, fixing Swoop. Here’s how!

First, lets talk about what’s going on. His back tabs! When transforming Swoop, his back tabs are positioned so that when you fold his chest pieces up, you actually have to push his shoulders closer together before the tabs will line up with the holes in his wings. This causes the joints to bend a little bit, making the back of his shoulders angled closer than the front of his shoulders.

No pictures for this, as if you have your Swoop in hand it should be pretty noticeable now that you know about it.

Over time, that’s going to cause stress on the plastic, and some people have mentioned this briefly but they’re blaming the back tabs or the holes in his wings. Well, there’s not much we can do about either one of those and still be practical about it.

Instead, we’ll give the front of his shoulder \ chest area more room, so the back tabs can come together closer without squeezing the front apart and twisting the joint.

Do this by carving in the circled areas on the picture below. The red circle shows an exposed view, while the blue circle shows how it will normally sit for bot mode.


You probably can’t tell much from that picture, so here’s a closeup of the exposed view, with the carved areas colored in red.

Just compare that picture to how your unmodified Swoop is, and then take a razor blade and shave it slowly until it matches the picture and fits the way you want it to. That gives the chest room enough to move together, allowing the tabs on his back to fit inside the holes on his wing piece without causing stress to the joint.

Join me tomorrow for day 7 and step 6 of S.O.S. Dinobot!

~Matt Booker

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