S.O.S. Dinobot! Part 7


Step 6: (Don’t just) Paint it Black!

If you’ve been following along, you’ve got an awesome fully flaming flail and fixed your Swoop, but you might be asking, how can I make him even better?


Well, a popular alteration is to paint the flail black, matching the volcanic theme that all the Dinobots’ weapons share.

Swoop’s flail came gray and orange, and as you’ve seen from the pictures in this guide, I’ve painted over the gray with black.  It helps the contrast more, and makes the weapon look much more, well, weapony.

I’ve done the same with Slag’s club. Yes, the Cheeto of Doom is funny and all, but it looks much better with the raised areas painted black.

That leads me to my next suggestion, though.

Don’t just paint it black! Especially on Slag’s club, only painting the raised areas leaves a hollow looking weapon. Google around for pictures of lava flow and you’ll see not just huge chunks amid the glow of flowing orange rock, but little chunks of black and texture inbetween.

So dabble it a little with a few flecks of black, here and there to just add some character to it. Do the same with Swoop’s flail, and you’ll have better looking Dinobots.

One more thing before the guide is up, you should really go check out Masterminicon’s method of making a longer flail for Swoop. Go check it out over at tformers.com in the Custom’s Garage.


If this guide helped you out with Swoop, or even made you laugh, let me know! I appreciate the input, and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to help.

~Matt Booker

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  1. …i kinda wanna buy swoop now. and i quit buying transformers. He just looks badass. Although my clumsy hands will be unable to perform these mods.

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