Digibash – Soviet Ratchet

This came from a conversation with my fiancee. We were talking about how Ratchet’s magnets aren’t exactly show accurate, and she said they looked kind of like sickles. Then I noticed how his helmet looks like an ushanka with the flaps folded down.

After that, this repaint was inevitable.

In Soviet Ratchet, robot transform you!

For those wondering, I’m not a communist. I collect stuff, so why would I like a political system where all I can collect is the same government issue gruel as everyone else?

Animal farm, people. Animal farm.

But hey, Red Son was a cool Superman story. Maybe there should be an Elseworlds style Transformers story, where they crashed in Mongolia instead of Oregon.

Optimus could declare freedom to be the right of all sentient beings, and have the Dinobots rampage through the Berlin wall.

~Matt Booker

8 thoughts on “Digibash – Soviet Ratchet

  1. See, there was a reason I knew you were cool. You can mod the TF’s and have a head on shoulders. And yes, Soviet Ratchet is sweet! Did you put “CCCP” on his license plate?

    This is Clockworkmecha from the TF boards BTW.

  2. *points to the second comment on this post*

    “No CCCP, as this is just a digibash.”

    That Trixie version of TFA Jazz, though… That’s totally real.

    ~Matt Booker

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