The List! (And how to smudge it.)

At first I was against animated Lugnut. He seemed overly simple and colored like fruit snacks.

But lots of pictures and glowing reviews made me give him a second thought, and that’s all the collector impulse needed to turn it into a full on craving.

Unfortunately, he was officially on the ‘Matt Can No Have’ list that I asked my future Mrs. to impose on me. There are cases where that list gets smudged a bit (Sideswipe was on it, but she didn’t feel right having Sunstreaker without Sideswipe. Woohoo!) but we try to stick to it.

For instance, spending the better part of a week making fun of animated Jetfire and Jetstorm means that though I’m mildly interested in them now, they’re still on the list (with a captital ‘NO, they look like Power Rangers.’)

So, how to get Lugnut withut paying money? Trade!

But, I still have the big blue monkey and I now have a Lugnut. It’s been a few months, but K-mart had a sale and I really needed him for a guide.


~Matt Booker

6 thoughts on “The List! (And how to smudge it.)

  1. So the point here is that you have a way around the list, but not really, and you were going to trade, but not really, so you broke the list, but… um, really?

    Twist ending! I approve!

  2. Yes, looking back on it this post seems to be a victim of early morning \ hurry before work syndrome. I realized I hadn’t posted anything in a bit and it seemed like a good lead in to next week’s Lugnut guide.

    So, yeah. The list can be smudged, there just has to be a waiting period.

    This time next year, I might have Jetfire and Jetstorm! :D

    ~Matt Booker

  3. He’s pretty nice, even though he’s tiny.

    I just wish they had figured out someway to simulate his Punch to Kill Everything.

  4. Jetfire and Jetstorm are awesome! And very gay!

    They are well-balanced enough that I can make them do acrobatic poses with eachother. (Jetfire is currently standing on Jetstorm’s shoulders.

    But I actually got them for the comic that comes with them. At 17.00, it’s probably the most expensive comic book I own, not counting the compilations.

  5. I’ve kinda been a fan of luugy-nuts for a bit, and with the repaint, I like him even more. As for the “Powah Wainjuh” look of the twins, it takes some getting used to but Safeguard makes it up for it. And from what I have seen, they will be polluting clearance isles soon(gobs of them setting on shelves at the various wal-marts and targets I visit).

  6. Really? That’s awesome about the clearance. “But they’re half price!” is a good reason to get them. :)

    They haven’t shown up here yet, so my willpower has yet to be tested.

    ~Matt Booker

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