Google, Econ, and The Frito Bandito’s Speedo

One of my future Mrs.’s college classes is an economy course where she has to read a book called The World is Flat. It’s an interesting book, despite my personal distaste for college, and the snippit that she read to me today has justified the $12 price of the book.

It makes me worry about the cost of the class, though.

I don’t really think I can set this up any better than just quoting the story, and saying that the basis for the chapter is how Google is helping to ‘flatten’ the world and bring people and business together.

Testimonial from Google user-
“I just want to thank Google for teaching me how to find love. While looking for my estranged brother, I stumbled across a Mexican Web site for male strippers- and I was shocked. My brother was working as a male prostitute! The first chance I got, I flew to the city he was working at and found my brother. But more than that, I met one of his co-workers… We got married last weekend [in Mexico], and I am positive without Google’s services, I never would have found my brother, my husband, or the surprisingly lucrative nature of the male stripping industry in Mexico!! Thank you, Google!”


The book is The World Is Flat by Thomas L Friedman, and the chapter hops off from that strange talking point to tell about the top searches for google users. At the time of the writing of the book (and, given mankinds basic nature, probably anytime in Google’s history) the top search was ‘sex.’

The second? God.

Great, right there we’ve just proven the evil of the internets. People are searching for sex and God, and God is second on the list. That’s… Yeah, lets not comment on religion right now. It’s bad enough we had that Obama rant a few posts back.

What’s third? Jobs. No real suprise there.

But the fourth? Professional Wrestling.

Keep in mind, this is not just the total for North American results. So either there are either a lot of pro wrestling fans all over the world, or there are A LOT of North American pro wrestling fans.


But he does go on to mention something I hadn’t thought of, but is apparently popular. The Google Recipe Book. People look in their refridgerators, take three ingredients, google them, and see what recipes come up. Odd. I may have to try that.

But does Arm and Hammer count as two ingredients or one?

~Matt Booker

5 thoughts on “Google, Econ, and The Frito Bandito’s Speedo

  1. We just love sex, something that will give us answers and justification for living, money, and oiled up half naked guys climbing all over each other.

    Speaking of Google, last night I did a search for “Zombie Fetish.” A friend on MSN Messenger brought up something another friend said to her about whether a zombie fetish would be necrophilia or not. I figured there was an actual fetish for zombies already, and probably something about it online (Because the internet has fucked everything up). So, I did a search for it. I didn’t find anything, but that’s not important. What is important is that when I had typed in “Zombie Fet” Google suggested “Zombie Fetus.” Why are enough people looking for zombie fetuses that it’s one of Google’s suggestions?

  2. That… That’s disturbing.

    Rule 34! There is porn of it. No exceptions!

    I’d link to the encyclopediadramatica article, but there’s only so many naked penises a site can have before I draw the line at linking to it.

    This is a classy family site, ya know.

    *goes back to trying to articulate lewd poses of Sunstreaker and Norman*

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Re: Zombie fetish

    Unlike vampires (undead), zombies are reanimated dead. Going with the technicality that they are dead, regardless of motion, we’d have to assume that sex with a zombie would in fact be necrophilia.

    Someone appears to have beaten you to examining this concept, and even put that examination on film for your viewing pleasure.

    “Susan gets her car and her food back and arrives at the apartment of her boyfriend. He’s also killed himself but is up and about. The bathtub is filled with his blood… They can’t have sex because he has no blood pressure (his blood is in the bathtub after all), so they have intercourse using her gun as a strap-on.”

    That’s right, try to un-read it. Take my word for it when I tell you that seeing it will burn itself into your brain.

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