Lovenut Part 1


Lugnut. As mentioned previously, I didn’t like the toy at first. Sure, the character was great, and that’s part of what eventually won me over on the toy, but at a glance he’s over simple and over small. Legs fold down from the back, cockpit splits to become the chest, head flips around, and arms move down and bombs open up into claws.

Wait, his bombs become his hands?

Yes. And he even launched them on the show. Multiple times.

His hands fly off and explode. Apparently they are quickly regenerated. That bugs me a little. If it works that way for his hands, why doesn’t his whole body have a Wolverine style healing factor?

Kind of like Cybertron Laserbeak. He’s a bomb. That’s his alt mode?! Kind of a poor career choice. I got over that with the power of personal cannon. To me, he’s a very powerful emp bomb. He flies over an area (Cybertron Soundwave is in my ‘to sell’ pile.), drops in as his alt mode, emits an electromagnetic pulse, transforms, and picks through the wreckage.

Lugnut… I’ll just say his forearms regenerate and try not to think too much about it. They’re giant cartoony bombs anyway.

And he’s the colors of fruit snacks.

So for a while I didn’t want Lugnut. He was firmly off the list and seemed kind of silly to me, but that eventually changed. Was it a dry spell where I had nothing else to buy and out of desperation the need for plastic crack dug deeper at the well until the craving started flowing? Maybe, but last year was a busy one, as HasTak threw us an onslaught of awesome. They even gave us a new Onslaught, and he’s awesome!

It was probably a combination of that, seeing him on store shelves, knowing how great the other animated figures are, and all the enthusiastic reviews I’d read. But that path had let me down before, as I bought a Blackarachnia before the official creation of the list, and having built her up as awesome before the buy, having Blackarachnia in hand I found only ‘meh.’

But by the time I started lusting after Lugnut (given the shape of his alt mode, perhaps I should rephrase that…) the list had been made and he definitely wasn’t on it.

So, I tried to trade, and even considered making a Lugnut outfit for Prime so I could nuzzle it at night to entice people for the trade. That was long before this site, though, and a quick laugh on a message board wasn’t reason enough to try my hand at a papercrafted cosplay suit for Primal.

I still have the Munkey, though… So maybe on a slow week, you might get to see one. ;)

So what’s in store for this week? Not much. I really like Lugnut. He has great posability, I like that he’s not huge (scale doesn’t bother me that much, and I like smaller transformers), and there are not glaring flaws that bother me.

Join me all this week for Lovenut, and turn your Lugnut from a deceptively dandy Decepticon,

into a…

Well, you can’t see the mods in bot mode. But you can see them all this week!

~Matt Booker

8 thoughts on “Lovenut Part 1

  1. Have you ever tried to pull adamantium laced bones apart? It’s the same as regular bones.

    Twist and rip.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. I had to do some internal mods to mine originally. The left half of the cockpit canopy kept popping back while in alt mode. I guess it was a one off QC issue for me since I never came across anyone else with the issue. Went in, scrapped some plastic from the arm holding the canopy from inside and voila.

    Looking forward to your guide!

  3. It’s widespread enough to be a part of the guide. :)

    Though I didn’t have to do it to mine, I almost did. Mine is fine if you push it a certain way, but the problem is a poorly molded part with excess plastic. So I didn’t bother with fixing it, but it’s discussed.

    Glad to see somebody else did more than just complain about it.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Ah, so I’m not so alone in the canopy caper then! *rimshot*

    It’s really a pretty easy fix, its just making sure everything is put back in place properly that makes it a pain.

  5. Heh. You created the link to a page on personal canon without realizing that you were misspelling it. This amuses me heartily. I chortle at your expense. Hear my throaty laugh!

    And we so need to get together and rub trade boxes.

    Meanwhile, I await lovenut. *giggle*

  6. Silly Luke. A personal cannon is something that you shoot a franchise with until it’s full of plot holes.

    ~Matt Booker

  7. And that has to be the most disturbing description for trading that I’ve yet to see. I like it. :D

    ~Matt Booker

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