Lovenut Part 3


Step 1: Your Mace!

Yet another in-joke for a title. Of course, yesterday’s situation was an inside joke, or at least something funny inside Sunstreaker.

So Lugnut has a mace. It’s pretty cool, what with the action feature and all. There are two main problems with it, though. First of all, Lugnut holds it up near the business end of the mace. That’s great for standing around looking threatening, but not so easy when roughing up Autobots.

“Roughing them up for the GLORY of MEGATRON!”


Yeah, that’s enough of that.

“But… Megatron?”



You aren’t going to be interactive with this guide. Not to that extent, okay? You’ll just go on and on about the mega Tron you have in your pants.

“I HAVE NO NEED OF PANTS! BEHOLD, MY- Wait. Are you implying a sexual lust for the PERFECT body of my most esteemed Megatron?”


“He who is all that is man!”

… Yes. I’m actually not implying. I’m being pretty blunt about it.

“HA! And HA again! All shall KNEEL before the mighty girth of Megatron!”

Really? Do I even have to say anything at this point?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. My devotion to Megatron is strictly that of a PLT.”

Penis Love Transaction?

“Platonic Loyal Transformer.”

Uh huh.

“It’s true! Why, just the other day I had sex with a human female!”


“YES. It was that mechanically inclined fleshling from the Bay movie.”

Yeah, are you sure it wasn’t just-

“Her hard metallic orifice yealded to my-“

That’s enough! Consider your intentions proven.

“Good! Now, we should get back to the guide, so I may ejaculate more about Megatron’s GLORIOUS… ness.”

No. You’re gonna be quiet for a while. I can already feel the readers shuddering worse than the start of the Swoop guide, when it looked like Grimmy was going to narrate.

*heard in the background*



“Why you smell like pineapple?”


Lets… Lets try this again tomorrow.

~Matt Booker

11 thoughts on “Lovenut Part 3

  1. Actual mod content tomorrow. Really! :D

    Also, I wonder if anyone’s paying attention to the names of these images…

    ~Matt Booker

  2. I would suggest gagging the lot of them so they can’t interrupt again.

    But knowing how Sunstreaker thinks that might not be a good idea… Lock them in a room and leave them be. As for the lugnutter have Ironhide whack him over the head call it “sedation”.

  3. I’ve noticed them. I’m going to be calling him Hugnut from now on. Also, he totes has a man-crush (male-pronoun-user-crush?) on Megatron. You know he has a Megatron trapper keeper that he draws hearts on.

  4. I actually got light-headed laughing at the pineapple joke…And then I promptly forgot why I was laughing, only to end up laughing about THAT.

  5. I am really curious to see what you cooked up to fix Lugnut but I can’t seem to find part four. I know I am four years too late but I have used several of your mods and plan on using many more.

  6. Thanks caked-up! The rest of this mod guide didn’t get posted. There were some bits that didn’t work the way I wanted. I might redo it sometime, though.

    ~Matt Booker

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