That would be an awesome name for a cat. Almost as awesome as Awkward Paws.

But what isn’t awesome is this: The Lugnut Guide will be continued next week.  I didn’t want to have to do that, and for once it’s not just procrastination’s fault. Day job, author stuff, and admittedly some lazy-assing around. My guides are usually done at least a week in advance, but I jumped the gun on this one out of excitement and it was a bit too much on my already full plate.

But here’s something to satiate you!


I recently got Stormcloud. I totally partially blame HeavyArms of Addicted to Plastic for reminding me of how much I wanted him (that and there was only one left in walmart after there being several over the past few weeks…).

My future Mrs. said, “Hey, they could have twin fights!” I looked over at the brooding Stormcloud, then looked over at Powerglide, and well… annoying is a strong word.

They’re currently on top of my computer in this pose.

~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “INTERMITTENS!

  1. Ya know, if you get the Japanese release, it could be a full on 3 way brawl(and not with that pesky ‘con either!)


    Get the original PG and and have him posted up talking mess to the big guys and all that “Back in my day, we Gee-wuns we’re fine with being small and having limitations, but not today, you damn brats….”

  2. It takes a lot to get me to buy a repaint. And by ‘a lot’, I usually mean ‘a lot auction on ebay.’ :)

    But Stormcloud was the one I originally was going to get. I saw one on a Thursday night and thought, “Maybe…” and knowing that this k-mart had the same toys for the past month and it was on the top shelf, I left it there. We went out of town the next night and I spent the whole weekend waiting for Sunday, as I’d built myself up into a slathering want.

    He wasn’t there, but Powerglide was.

    I spent the better part of the week deciding if I should just get PG and forget SC. Up until then, I hadn’t seen even a Powerglide or an Onslaught outside of k-mart and target (I don’t live close to a target now anyway.)

    I got him, and pushed SC back into the dark of that corner of my mind where Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors lust resides.

    About a month later, Walmart’s new stock was shipped with Onslaught and not Powerglide… but Stormcloud. There were two at my local walmart, two at the one we often swing by on the weekends, and one at the other one we often swing by on the weekends.

    They were friggin taunting me! My future Mrs. got a good laugh, and admittedly so did I.

    But the want stepped back out of the shadows, albeit covered in hickeys from Saw Boss.

    I managed to wrangle it back into submission, but HeavyArms’s post brought it back, and there was only one left at walmart now…

    I’m glad I have him, but I’m NOT getting the henkei. Don’t you start trouble, Bosch! :p

    I had the original PG, though. I don’t know what happened to him. He was always such a cruel twist of a toy. Articulation was highly sought after, and his arms were great! But his legs… Yeah.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. The only repaints I’ve gotten are the new Sideswipe and a couple Seekers.

    I do plan on getting the Ratchet repaint of new Ironhide.

  4. I got PG when he came out cause of my A-10 lust, and I was not disappointed! I want SC but I’m kinda hung up him and the repaint(not really, but that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). As for the hekei…you know you want the gee-wun-i-ness repainted goodness, I know I do!

    /starts trouble

  5. Hey, mattttt….

    did you know that the Volkswagen Beetle was built for the Nazis as a workers perk? True story. Thought it might interest you, what will a certain bee constantly trying to kill you. Photobash methinks?

  6. You know, I’d heard that before but I’d never bothered to look it up. Still haven’t, so I’ll take your word for it. :)

    And he’s not trying to kill me… But it’s a reason we don’t have friends over often. I’m also going to blame him for all the cricket legs that I keep finding because I don’t want to think about what else it could be…

    ~Matt Booker

  7. I wasn’t tempted by Powerglide until I came across Reprolabels’ firebomber stickers for him. Now I want him badly.

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