Demon in a Bottle

While I keep my collector habit firmly on Transformers, I occasionally get something else from other lines. You’ve probably noticed that I have a few Minimates. They’re fun and cute, like articulated Lego people, only badass.  Another ‘every now and then’ would be GI Joes, as I remember them fondly for their awesome articulation in an era where knees and elbows were few and far between.

Maybe that’s why I like the 3 1/4″ scale so much. That combined with growing up at the height of the micromaster era leaves me with a preference towards smaller tfs (though admittedly, deluxe is my favorite size class.)

I remember how I always thought it would be awesome if Marvel would team up with the GI Joe people and make small but awesomely articulated super heroes. I thought it might occur back when I saw some Street Fighter figs in Joe style, but when Marvel Legends came around I didn’t have an inkling that I’d ever see an in-scale Wolverine slashing through a horde of B.A.T.s.

And then, Hasbro gave us Marvel Universe.

I piked up Stealth Ops Iron Man at K-Mart and naturally this was the first thing that I did…


Har har, Tony Stark is a drunk. Yeah, it’s been joked about a lot. But consider this an homage to Twisted Toyfare Theater. I always laughed at how they’d have him sloshing around in a suit full of his own urine.


Oh, and for those that haven’t seen much about the fig, that’s actually a yellow energy blast that’s supposed to clip onto his wrist.

~Matt Booker

20 thoughts on “Demon in a Bottle

  1. They’re available at retail now?

    FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for those guys for a while now. My nerdiness will not be satisfied until I can display Cobra Commander and Darth Vader vs Snake Eyes and Spider-Man.

  2. I just found them at Wal-Mart and grabbed Spidey and the Punisher. They’re rather fun, and the little file things are actually pretty cool, even if an SRA card doesn’t make any sense for either of them.

  3. Oh, and I’m tempted to do a picture with Spidey like you did with Iron Man, but because of the color of his web accessory, it would just be WRONG.

  4. I still say it would be funnier as vomit.

    Although it would basically be trading one alcoholic joke for another…

  5. Jin Saotome already did a drunk vomiting Iron Man custom figure (It was featured on AOTS).

  6. This isn’t custom though, it’s just posing. And the Drunk Tony pissing/puking jokes have pretty much all been done years ago by ToyFare anyway.

    Still funny though. :)

  7. They’ve been done by everyone but Marvel by now.

    Maybe they should do a parody comic again (Like Not Brand Echh and What The?!) and do some drunk Iron Man jokes.

  8. Have any of you seen the “What the-” marvel video on youtube? Supposedly they’re making more, but the current one has Modok as a parody of Christian Bale flipping out on an AIM guy.

    ~Matt Booker

  9. I’m starting to think that something may be wrong with Matt (Other than the obvious, that is).

  10. Nothing’s wrong at all. Actually something good happened. News to come!

    (And the rest of the Lugnut guide.)

    ~Matt Booker

  11. Good then. You just sort of randomly disappeared for awhile, and with you missing, where would I get pictures of TFs in lewd poses with MiniMates?

  12. What will probably be my favorite two posts are coming up, and they’re all about lewd poses.

    I’m not out of the tf guide business yet. I still haven’t earned a tfwiki entry.

    *shakes his fist at Walky*

    ~Matt Booker

  13. Lewd poses are always fun.

    Everyone gets mad at Walky at some point, even if they don’t know who he is.

  14. Oh, I wasn’t mad or anything. Besides, has it’s own problems to deal with at the moment.

    ~Matt Booker

  15. I know. I’m addicted to that site, so I’ve been following it pretty closely. I’d like to help, but all this talk of “Google Caches” and such is above my head.

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