Where the heck is the rest of the Lugnut guide? Why haven’t I posted things to entertain you? And why does this site still bring in 50 to 100 unique visitors on days when I haven’t posted for a while?

Behold! The answer to some of these questions and more…

So, I’ve been a bit busy lately. My day job is currently sponsoring me to get a microsoft small business server certification. That’ll mean a hefty raise, but server work is new territory for me. I’m used to fixing broken computers, removing viruses, and helping customer’s understand why that new dell they just bought is going to run like crap unless they get more than a gig of ram for windows vista. Now I’m delving into territory involving not just setting up a network, but changing the entire electronic infrastructure of a small business and how they should go about coordinating information.

The people management part of this is easy enough, and it helps that the book is written in a very casual and often funny style, but the server work especially is still tackling something unfamiliar. I’m doing fine, but it’s something I’m not getting paid to learn (just paid once I’ve learned it.)

So, there’s that. But honestly, that’s only two nights of reading a week.

What about the Lugnut guide? And just what the heck does it involve?

Well, I’ve got it written, and mostly photographed.  But I just wasn’t satisfied with the way part of the mace mod worked out, so I’ve held off a bit. Now I’ve got a great solution, and tested it to be sure it works, but I’ve got to finish carving a chunk of plastic. If I had a dremel, it’d be no problem, but all I’ve got is a razor blade. So, yeah, procrastination there. Normally, that’s bad enough, but amidst the certification and what I’m about to tell you, it’s something I keep putting off.

I’m hoping this post will change that, and come Wednesday I’ll hack away for a few hours and have it glued and ready by Thursday.

Oh yeah, the contents of the mod… Well, first, it’s a way to make his mace less annoying, then there’s a mod for him to be able to hold his mace better, a cockpit discussion, and adding an extra rotatable turret.

So what’s that other thing that’s keeping me from doing all this? A cured bit of concept block. Something I’ve really been trying to figure out has been figured out, and now I’m just working on the other details. I won’t tell you too much yet, dear readers, because that would spoil the surprise. I will say that it’s not transformer related, and the first part will hopefully be done by the end of the year.

That being said, I’m gonna get off my arse and get the Lugnut guide done. It’s been embarrassing for about a month now.

I mean, it should be more embarrassing once it’s done, but I’m not ashamed of photographing minimate on robot romance.

And by romance, I mean cucumbers.

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “Status!

  1. Congrats on the soon to be raise!

    It sounds like you and me are on some common ground when it comes to computer work, customer handling and so on(Ex AOL & Cox Comm Tech).

    Been waiting to see what you have came up with for Luggy-nuts. I bought Atomic luggy and want to give him similar treatments as needed. BTW, he’s actually a really nice repaint, the primary color is more like an aluminum color with a slight green tinge, kinda suits with all the black and armor yellow.

    Hurry back!

  2. Sweet. Good luck with the serve stuff, and as always I look forward to your new stuff.
    And new ‘Mate on Robot action. That stuff is always good for a laugh. (Coming off a wee bit creepy here)

    Also, any chance you might do a mod for Animated Wreck-Gar? Not that there’s anything that needs to be fixed, I’d just like to see what you could come up with. Maybe some way to give him a vacuum cleaner like the one he used at the end of Garbage In, Garbage Out.

  3. I saw an Atomic Lugnut in walmart today. He looks really nice in person.

    Rofl at the current comment conversation, though it reminds me of that one Godzilla movie where (for that movie at least) he’s credited as the reincarnation of dead Japanese soldiers from WW2 and is attacking Japan because of the influence of the dead U.S. soldiers. Hey, I’m sleepy.

    As for Wreck-Gar, I actually do have something planned. It involves a lot of careful cutting, so no dremels!

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Yay for Wreck-Gar!

    Also, I discovered that for your Blitzwing mod, putting a bit of paper in the “hinge-holes” will work to keep the modified cannons in place. The glue absolutely would not stay on mine, so I put some paper of the “hinge-holes” and pushed it in with the cannons’ new pegs. They stay just fine.

  5. That’s pretty cool, as being removable is a plus. You should post a comment on that page, in case anybody could use the advice.

    ~Matt Booker

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