You got any of them taquitos?

My fiancée is awesome, and to cheer me up after a rough day she got me a present… A present for which she said I would be ridiculed later. Thoroughly. :)

The next part of this post is really aimed at her, but it’s too funny to leave unposted.


I am Wreck-Gar! And I collect garbage!


Yep, I got Jetfire and Jetstorm. Wreck-Gar was fine, but I made fun of the twins with her for a week or more… I admit, I was wrong about them. I’m not a completest collector, or one of those people who buys repaints or even molds that I don’t like. The twins are much better in hand than in stock pictures, to the point I have to admit I think they’re pretty cool little figures.

Wreck-Gar was acquired a few days after the twins, and any concerns about his balance should be relieved by these pictures.  Wreck-Gar is holding both of them without support and is standing stable.

I’m kind of sad because they’re probably going to be in that pose for a while, and all three of them are very fiddle friendly. Yes, even the twins. They’re much better than I thought they’d be, and when I read the pack in comic I kept hearing ‘two wild and crazy guys’ from snl. They didn’t sound near as cool as that on the show, but that’s not going to stop me from having them like that on here. :D

Their appearance on the show was kind of a throwaway appearance. “Hi, we’re here and this is how cool we are.” That’s understandable and all, but after easily fighting Ratchet and Optimus, why would they need the added firepower of Safegaurd? I would’ve liked it better as response to a genuine threat, not “Oh hi, we can also do this!”

Oh yeah, to sell toys. :)

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “You got any of them taquitos?

  1. I <3 Wreck-Gar in all his forms (I’m trying to find his MyClone toy, as it’s the only Wreck-Gar I don’t have). He’s actually more stable than more other TFs. Very well designed.

    As for the twins, I’m kind of in the middle for them. The toys do look kind of fun, and I’ve heard good and bad about them. I figured I’d see how they were on the show before deciding whether to get them or not. And I was going to wait to watch the episode they appear in despite it being leaked early. Until one of my friends on Twitter spoiled a bit of it… Anyways, I thought they were pretty cool on the show, even though their voices annoyed the hell out of me. What kind of accent was that supposed to be?! I’m more interested in getting them now.

    tl;dr- I’m not really excited about Jetfire and Jetstorm, but I’ll probably grab them sometime. And Wreck-Gar is awesome.

  2. My fiancée bought me the twins too, and I agree 100% … they’re fun =)
    Sadly there is no Wreck-Gar yet in beerland’s stores -_-

  3. Schlecki:

    I spent a few months trying to find him. Finally, a week ago, I found two in Target (The only ones I’ve seen). Unfortunately, I didn’t have any money on me, so I hid one behind some Power Rangers and came back the next day. The other one was gone, but the one I hid was still there.

  4. Matt, I need help!

    Do you have any spare Universe Ironhides or parts of Ironhides? e-mail me or PM me at TFINO, please. I’m looking for one of the rear wheel assemblies for sure, and I may need a new front windshield.

  5. Too bad the twins can’t be held by the scruff of the necks, now that would be priceless!

    Yeah, after futzing with WG, I discovered that he does have a good center of balance, you just have to make sure he knows it too.

  6. … well beerland lacks behind … we still have Ratchet and Blackarachnia on the shelves, I was surprised about the Twins, as not even Blitzwing or Lugnut are available here yet -_-

    Somehow our retail system thinks buying a huge load of wave 1 and then only restocking once it is sold would be a good idea … sadly that means that quite some waves of TFs never reach our shelves =(

  7. Yeah, usually we get stuff months later here. And yet, I found the Hound/Dinobot/Cyclonus/etc. Universe wave and the twins right away.
    And this only happens with TFs (And Mattel figures, but that’s a-given). Everything else shows up quick.

  8. This post sorta made me go out and buy Safeguard. That’s a big deal considering how much I didn’t want the figure(s). It also made me want Wreck-Gar. But I can’t have him! :(

    Is beerland Australia? Either way, I feel your pains.

  9. Finally got the Twins today, and they are rather fun. In regards to you asking on RawToys about their kibbly arms in Safeguard mode, I fold them against Safeguard’s back (The jet canopy pieces keep them in place) then fold their lower arms down against their back at the elbow. It keeps them out of the way and low profile.

  10. That’s cool. Mine are in the X formation, but I do turn around the fists so they face the back.

    ~Matt Booker

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