Do advertisers seriously think that anyone is going to buy products from them if they have Engrish addled asians coming up with their blurbs and shooting off their pitch and product links en masse to the unwashed internets?

Apparently not, because they’re not even trying anymore…

Seriously? I filter out and hand sort spam in my comments section, and there’s usually quite a bit. But today, April Fools, of all days, I get one spam comment and it’s not even creative.

Because of that, it’s kind of funny. Then again, maybe it’s not stupid, but gets right to the point. Down to business! Animal Sex Business!

I also can see incoming search words from things like google and yahoo. As you can imagine, with my varied material (transformers, minimates, and perverse unions of such, mostly) I get some strange searches. I wonder if I’ll get to add ‘Animal Sex Business!’ to the list. (Mentioning it twice, that’s not helping…)

The more I look at that spam comment, the more I think maybe it was like one of those announcers for monster truck rallies. Only instead of sunday Sunday SUNDAY! it says, well, you know.

Still waiting on that elusive comment spam about Hormel products…

~Matt Booker

13 thoughts on “Spam!

  1. I was going to say a woman riding a horse, to maybe get some more weird animal sex people/ads attracted here, but I felt that the reference would be lost then.

  2. “I’m sorry sir, you’re only allowed to have animal sex over near the cliff’s for obvious* reasons.”

    And with that, I leave you with this:


  3. I dunno, I think his spokesman days are numbered since he beat up that prostitute last weekend.

    I wonder what happened? Maybe he got mad because she was using a paper towel to clean up. Or maybe she didn’t want to use a sham-wow as a condom… Though who could blame her? That thing could be dangerous on an open wound, let alone that…

    “Sham-POW! I just wrap my fist in the sham-wow, and it absorbs the blow enough that it doesn’t leave a bruise! Still hurts, though, and even soaks up blood!”

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Well ya know, when your claim to fame is selling glorified sponges and hand operated kitchen appliances, you gotta relieve your severe amount of fail some how.

  5. A prostitute would just add to the fail though. Especially if you get arrested.

    He’d need to get a Ferrari Enzo, become a Ninja, and beat up Chuck Norris to relieve all the fail he’s accumulated.

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