Spam! 2!

Did the basement dwellers of the world hear my plea? Perhaps, because I found an awesome spam comment tonight.


Now that’s an epic word salad. It dances shamelessly along the line of ‘almost makes sense’ and ‘what…?’ as skillfully as a drunken belly dancer- You know it’s awful but it’s just sexy enough to keep watching.

Do any of you have any awesome spam, email or otherwise? If so, post it as a comment! :D

And I’ll try not to accidentally ban anyone when sorting through the real spam.

For new commenters, you might want to post a word of warning first! Better yet, if you’re posting a favorite even approved people should warn me, lest you live in fear of the accidental click of doom!

~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “Spam! 2!

  1. That’s some grade-A Engrish!

    I got this one a few hours ago:

    1.Full Names: 2.Address: 3Telephone: 4.Sex: 5.Country:

    The best parts are the fact that it’s in pounds while I live in America, the “person” I need to contact is “Mr. Smith Bills”, they missed a period after the 3, and it was titled “Pepsi Lottery Pormo”. Apparently, Pepsi has a lottery. And the spammer can’t spell “promo”.

  2. I initially read that as “Pepsi Lottery Porno”. I don’t even want to try to think what the hell that would be.

  3. I did too, actually.

    Dr. Pepper, “This Pepsi lottery porno rocks. Check out the can on her.”
    Mt. Lightning, “I’d like to break her seal, if ya know what I mean.”
    Dr. Pepper, “No, I don’t…”
    Mt. Lightning, “You know, pop her top and get things wet?”
    Dr. Pepper, “You’re not even a real Mountain, are you?”
    Mt. Lightning, “Um, boobs?”

    Cheerwine, “BEHOLD THEM!

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Wouldn’t “” be Hong Kong?

    Wouldn’t it be Hong Kong dollars, rather than British pounds?

    Granted, it’s still not American currency, but that makes it even odder…

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