Easter Eggs

“Hey Tony. Why so blue?”

“Argh, my hand is cramping again.”

“Oh, that kind of blue.”

“Yeah, well, it’s been a while.”

“So very blue…”



“You know, I’m starting to think Matt doesn’t collect girl figures.”

“Sure he does! You just gotta diversify!”


“This is BA, and she’s totally into DP.”

“If by that you mean my eggs are incubating in your lower intestine, then yes, I am into you.”

“Woohoo! I’m gonna be a dad!”

“Uh, technically you’re just-“

“An Easter miracle!


Sometime later…


“You want Grimlock show you why me Action Master?”

“Is… is that paint wear on your crotch?”

“Me Grimlock, KING!


Happy Easter everybody!

~Matt Booker

24 thoughts on “Easter Eggs

  1. When Deadpool said Blackarachnia was “totally into DP” I thought of something completely different, partly because there were two guy figures…

  2. I really like the look of that Deadpool figure. Would you recommend it? It’s just that it’s so small and the price for it down here is hard to justify. :/

    You totally nailed Deadpool’s personality by the way. They should have got you to write his lines in the Wolverine movie-script.

  3. L O L xD

    I have that Deadpool too, but mine has very loose hip-joints, and I have no idea how to reach them for some crazyglue lovin’ =(
    … other than that his swords and gun are too small for his hands… but that’s it with the negatives, that figure absolutely rocks – he’s currently driving away with one of Energon Prime’s legs on my desk, with one legged fattimus in pursue ;)

  4. The Deadpool figure is awesome. Mine will hold his gun, and his right hand will hold one of the swords, but the other hand will only hold his gun or comically giant sai.


    That’s hilarious. I’ve always preferred “Fatassimus” though. It rolls of the tongue better. I’m thinking of posing Deadpool either riding Animated Waspintor’s beast mode like a horse, or perched on Animate Prime’s shoulder, Kiss Players style. With Deadpool leaning over to kiss Prime…

  5. Thanks everybody! I was looking forward to this one for a while, and I’m glad it was funny to more than just me.

    About the DP comment, it was originally phrased differently, but I liked the double entendre better.

    As for Grimmy, well… I’m not really sure. I don’t remember ever having him hump things as a child, but when I pulled him out of storage recently I found he had the paint wear like that.

    Sadly, I’m missing my favorite action master, Rad.

    Also, I recommend Deadpool, I prefer Fatimus to Fatassimus (matches Op-ti-mus better), and I’ve got pictures of Deadpool riding Waspinator already but the Kiss Players thing I’d like to see. That would be for great lols. And Schlecki, you need to take pictures of your Deadpool too!

    ~Matt Booker

  6. The Deadpool riding Waspinator thing reminds me of back when I had Marvel Legends Deadpool riding Classics Grimlock. One of my better achievments.

  7. Just post a link to something like imageshack or photobucket (a direct link, not a link to the page), and I’ll edit your post to display the image.

    Alternatively, you could do a special post on your blog and just paste a link to there.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. The Deadpool vs. Fastassimus is awesome! Now I almost wish I hadn’t found Energon to be quite so painful so that I could have a display like that. Kiss Players Deadpool will do for now.

  9. Yeah Fatimus really is awfull … unrealistic alt mode, obese proportions, non-transforming drones etc … but he still beats Powermaster Prime by miles + as bad as he may look he really is FUN !!!

    … of course I only know that since when I found one for 5 bucks xD

  10. The only Energon toy I really want is Downshift, because he could make a decent stand in for Wheeljack in my Classics stuff.

    Speaking of which, have there been any recent TFs with motorcycle alt-modes and head formed from the motorcycle’s front fairing that I could repaint into Wreck-Gar, until Hasbro makes a new Wreck-Gar?

  11. Everyone else was sharing, so:

    I fear that it’s no where near as awesome at Kiss Player Deadpool or the Fatimus Prime V Deadpool images.

  12. Schlecki, that scene is awesome. You have just justified that Prime’s existence.

    Esoteric, that kind of makes me sad I sold my ML Deadpool a while back. He was misp and the money was nice. I like my non-tfs to be small anyway…

    That Moon Knight looks really cool too!

    ~Matt Booker

  13. I didn’t want to make you sad! D:

    The money for Deadpool would have been nice. I remember struggling to find him when he was new – and still paying above normal price. I wasn’t working back then either! He and Moon Knight are easily two of my favourites from that whole line, so I can’t complain.

  14. Monty, I sold off most of my ML collection last year. I lived in a town where the walmart got really great distribution for ML figs and apparently no other collectors. Over the course of that wave, I bought one Deadpool and passed up 2 others. I bought 2 Dark Phoenixes, still have one misb (mostly because I forgot to sell it, haven’t gotten around to it again).

    I even sold my misb Stealth Armor Iron Man from series one.

    Couple red skulls, a maskless wolverine, phasing ghost rider, etc…

    Really, I was just keeping them misb to sell sometime, and that year the market for em was really up and I just sold em on ebay. If I had realized how sought after DP would become, I’d have bought the other two, but again I like the smaller Deadpool much better.

    Esoteric, the money for Deadpool was very nice. Considering I paid about $6 usd for him and got about $50 before shipping, it was hard to pass up. If he’d been a transformer… Well, he wouldn’t have been misb anyway.

    ~Matt Booker

  15. Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t really get into the collecting hobby until a year before the Marvel license switched over to Hasbro. There’s was a period of a year or two where I stopped buying toys. Then I got back into Transformers and it snowballed from there.

    Though, it’s funny now. All the properties with toylines that I’m into other than Batman and TMNT have figures made by Hasbro.

  16. Be glad for that. For instance, I would like a MOTU Classics He-Man and Skeletor but two things have stopped me. One, the price tag. Two, the price tag on the secondary market.

    The first I can forgive them for. I can be understanding.

    But seriously, to do such a limited run that it drives the price up close to 10 times the original price, even considering scalpers? And it’s not like the toys came out that long ago, either! I didn’t even know these things existed until about a month ago, and then promptly tried to forget about them because of the prices.

    Not to mention all the bitching people do about the website you have to order them through.

    I feel sorry for you being a Batman collector, though. Unless you really don’t want villains and love slightly retooled Bats. (And I thought ‘action feature’ was the bane of a tf toyline…)

    ~Matt Booker

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