Teaparties, Taxes, and Bow-Legged T-Rexes

Make sure you say that ‘bowe leg-ed,’ for extra goodness.

So, tax day has come and gone, but this year’s deadline brought more than just the usual annoyances and ass hattery that are so prevalent in the news around this time of year. Yeah, there was still the pompous news people and their pappy politicians (the ones in power grandstanding for taxes and the ones slightly less out of power grandstanding against taxes [you know, vice versa of last year]), but this year… this year we had tea!

Yeah, I’m talkin about the tea parties. Fear not, dear reader! This is not another political post. Really. :D

When I first heard of the tea parties, I wondered why people would be so pumped to go put balls in their mouth.

Oh come on, you expected that joke and you know it.

Now, I’m not one of those people who goes around at rebate time with cream in my crop at the thought of money back from the government, but I’m also not one of those people who smugly insults those who do, based on how it’s money the government had us overpay so it could use it for a while.

No, I let those people be happy, cause, well, I’m at least glad about it. Fuck if I’m not gonna be happy about getting money, even if it was mine in the first place. The difference between me and the asshole that goes around spreading tax day misery is that I recognize the fact that the government could have just as easily not given me my money back. They could make up any excuse they want to keep it or even to take more.

They’re not supposed to, mind you, but this is the system that puts the lawmakers in charge of giving themselves a raise or not.

But, it’s easy to bitch and hard to fix, which is why I was glad to see thousands of great Americans gather together to bitch about what’s going on.

You heard me. Or is that read me? Either way…

As a rule, I tend to think ill on protests and group rallies like this, for the aforementioned reason about fixing and bitching. Look at the hippies! A bunch of people get together and piss and moan, talk about having their voices heard, and usually not much gets accomplished.

However, hippies have more of a history of getting together to smoke pot, get lazy, or get arrested. Not much action comes of them by nature.

These people, though, were more than that. Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats… people with jobs, people with families, people that are pissed off. And when they get angry, these people are more likely to punch you in the face than a hippie.

So maybe, just maybe, something will come of all this. I’ve given it a few days to see if anything has, but nothing major so far. Here’s hoping a little bit of fix begins to trickle from the bitch. That maybe a few of those people won’t just talk but will do, and laws might be more fair again someday.

The only thing that’ll fix this is people actually changing the laws and legislation (and probably changing the legislators too!), so here’s hoping that starts to happen.

Am I over dramatizing all of this? I’m not meaning to. For the most part, I don’t pay attention to politics. Not my thing, and so I try not to bitch too much (really, if I cared that much I should go try to change things, right?).

But there are some things I can’t help but comment on.

For instance, when I did my taxes this year (screw you H&R Block!) I noticed something on the Illinois site. Here, go have a look. No, really, read it. It’s not hard to understand.

Fine, fine. The basic gist is that if you purchase stuff outside of Illinois, and you live in Illinois, well then you should pay Illinois the tax they missed out on by not purchasing that item in Illinois.

Buy gas in Iowa and if it has a cheaper rate than Illinois, well you better remember to pay Illinois the difference or you’re a tax cheat!

Really? Did Rod Blagobitch from the State of Chicago introduce this, or was it one of the other corrupt governors that we’ve had?

To make things even more ridiculous, there is no way for them to track this. It’s an honor system. They actually expect people to keep track of a year’s worth of purchases and report them.

“Why sure, hyuck, you betcher I’ll give you more money!”

I have to wonder, how many people actually do that? And is it fear or honesty that motivates them?

Dear reader, are there things like this in your state \ country?

Oh, and I know I’ve already used the phrase “To make things even more ridiculous,” but to make things even more ridiculous, they have a special form for cigarette purchases.

Go back to that link and look at the pdf for RC-44.

Funny, isn’t it? And yet, friggin sad.

This is why I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic about the corruption in government and taxes.

Some of you won’t care, because you don’t smoke, or because you think smokers should be punished to encourage them giving up a bad habit.

Well, I don’t smoke. I never have. But I know enough people that do smoke to hear about this stuff, and none of them had ever heard of RC-44. Again, how many people actually fill that thing out? o_0

I come from close to the Illinois\Missouri border, close to Hannibal and Quincy, and most of the Illinois smokers snag a pack or two when they’re in Missouri. Not more than that, mind you, as they live close by and boot legging is illegal. (And yes, they’ve caught people from other parts of the state coming through with trunk loads of Missouri cigarettes.)

The reason they buy in Missouri is lower taxes. It’s that way on gas and on cigarettes. Last time I was in Hannibal, I checked the price on a pack of Marlboro, then compared it to a gas station where I live now (about 2 hours away).


Illinois- $6.78

Okay, so my official one for Illinois would actually be ‘six something’, because I didn’t remember the exact price by the time I got to this point in the blog. But it’s a close estimate, and really is about twice as much as Missouri.

I’m really glad I don’t smoke, but if I did… Well, I’d raise my middle finger proudly in a big ‘fuck you’ to Illinois’s tax system.

Seriously, and I thought gas was high. (It was 19 cents cheaper in Missouri today, so nyah!)

Okay, so what does all this have to do with bow-legged T-Rexes? (You did say ‘bowe leg-ed’, didn’t you?)

I got Universe Overkill and he’s awesome, but his alt mode is bow-legged. I even got out my Classics Grim to make sure, and he didn’t have the problem. On taking the hips apart, I found out what the problem was, so it’s fixable. But still.

If it had happened on only one hip, I would’ve thought a factory accident, but this seems more like molding error.

Anyone else have the problem?

Bah, I’ll probably do a guide on it anyway. I don’t think it would be a whole week or anything, but a quick guide will be nice to other people with the problem.

In related news, his will be among the few tf boxes that I hold on to. He won’t be displayed in it, but I’ll keep it around.

~Matt Booker

20 thoughts on “Teaparties, Taxes, and Bow-Legged T-Rexes

  1. anyone else think its ironic that this post was a long rant and you ended it by talking about overkill??


  2. Maybe Overkill just likes horseback riding?

    All the “teabag” protesting led to an hour of great puns and scrotal humor from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and it showed a bit more of how much of a hypocrite Sean Hannity is. He’s almost as bad as Boss Limbaugh.

    Oh, and I was just looking at the pics of Universe Overkill on the TF Wiki, and he does look a bit bow legged in those.

  3. At tfu.info you can’t tell by his alt mode, but his bot mode arms look like they have the same problem.

    And the teaparty thing did get some lulz from cnn. They were being dumbasses and this reporter didn’t let this guy talk. He was actually starting to articulate decent and I guess she didn’t expect that, so she quickly moved on and started talking about how ‘clearly these protests are anti-government.’ and were somehow organized by fox news. lol

    ~Matt Booker

  4. Yeah, I used to watch CNN, but they’ve flipped now to being the liberal version of Fox News. Worse in some cases. Even Jon Stewart was making fun of them for they way their reporters acted.

    It’s sad when the best news sources are the Internet and Comedy Central.

  5. Indeed. Colbert is my favorite, though I’ve been known to laugh at John Stewart from time to time. :)

    Is it so much to ask for unbiased news? I don’t care for Republican spin and I don’t care for Democrat spin. Just tell the friggin news and don’t favor one party over the other.

    But CNN… That reporter was totally being a jerk. Case in point:

    Further lulz:

    Hipocritic lulz:

    As for it being sad that the internet is the best source of news, heck, it’s the best thing to happen in news for a long time. Bias is going to infect the majority of reported news. It’s been that way since newspapers came about. The degree of bias varies, but for a very long time a person reading the news had only a few choices by which to get these views (as in, only a handful of accessable news papers) and therefore had a limited scope by which to make informed decisions.

    With the internet, sure it’s full of bias on both sides, but there’s lots and lots of options. It lets people make much more informed decisions.

    Granted, that’s only for people who actually do a bit of searching, but the option is there.

    I would’ve voted for Colbert. :(

    ~Matt Booker

  6. I also just noticed that I forgot something in this post… The whole reason I included Overkill (aside from the obscure reference that I didn’t expect people to pick up on [Good job Spongescream!]) was to comment on rising costs and how Overkill’s price was much more palatable at $16 now that deluxe figures are $13.

    ~Matt Booker

  7. Seriously? You seriously think that?

    Rodimas, I’m glad to have people post here, and differing opinions are definitely welcome.

    But rednecks?

    The teaparty videos are from Chicago. Yeah, they took place all over, but those in particular were from Chicago.

    There is nothing, NOTHING redneck about Chicago. Or any urban sprawl. Anybody who claims otherwise is a poser.

    Yes I am friggin looking at you, urban Texans. :p

    (Okay, so I despise urban areas. I know a lot of cool people from places like that, so I don’t let my personal taste in environments harsh too badly on my judgment of others. But dude, if you live in a town of over 20,000 people, your chances of being even remotely ‘country’ are drastically decreased.)

    The people from my part of Illinois call it the State of Chicago, because it’s such a different attitude from mid to southern Illinois. Those people are not rednecks. Regardless of whether you think they’re dumbasses or not, don’t call them that. :p

    So, um, yeah. Regardless, these kinds of things usually amount to jack. I’m still hoping some good comes of it, and that previous protests in history were pretty useless because hippies are pretty useless.

    I’d say I’m upset at the amount of difference between an extreme leftist protest against say Bush’s over spending of billions, and a non-leftist protest against Obama’s over spending of trillions. One gets a pat on the head, the other barely gets covered (ignoring fox news right now…) and is put down.

    So… Overkill. Anybody else have him? And if so, is he bow-legged?

    ~Matt Booker

  8. Wow. Teabagging? Hehe

    Um, yeah, my Universe Special Edition Overkill is totally got bow legs. Her legs {and robot arms} won’t close all the way. How do I fix it?

    And yes, I meant she. Personal fandom. ;p

  9. Well, if her legs have that problem, I recommend a stern talking to. If that doesn’t work, show her a video on t-rex pregnancy.

    That’ll learn her.

    Apart from that, I took pictures as I did the fix, so I’ll post a little guide sometime soon.

    ~Matt Booker

  10. wat



    *asplodes out of sheer frustration over retardation*

    *reconstitutes self thanks to lols at the idea of ‘janine geraferlo’ and her irl trolling*

    Wow, laughter actually is the best medicine sometimes.

    That being said, I’m not going to respond to that here. I’ve a post in mind. Not to worry, it should have some funny pictures in it.

    *starts ups paint shop pro*

    ~Matt Booker


    (GET IT?)



  12. Matt:
    The reporter in that first video you linked allllll the way up there sounded JUST like Fox News reporters. She even had the whole “you have to support him because he’s the president” bit!

    But, yes. Overkill. His paint makes me want minty chewing gum.

  13. Rofl. Especially because they found out that she had been turned down for a job at Fox twice!

    As for the gum, I saw that on the tfwiki. Maybe it’s because I don’t chew gum, but I didn’t get the reference. Could also be because in person his blue is very gray.

    The yellow on his light piping makes me think of those jelly\taffy candies, though.

    ~Matt Booker

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