WhY mY SpOiLeRs hUrT?

Because I chopped them off!

“I hAvE ArTiCuLaTiOn.”


Hotshot is MUCH better without those stupid spoilers. He can rotate his arms freely without having to worry about readjusting the back kibble, and the back kibble isn’t fighting with itself for positions. As an added bonus, it looks like pretty cool back armor.

I’m not going to make a guide for this, because all I did was cut the spoilers off and make sure it looked smooth afterward. Sure, you could do it carefully enough to glue the spoilers to his back kibble, but I didn’t like the look of that.

Oh noes! Now Jolt can’t attach in car mode using the official transformation. Oh well, he was just barely slid on there anyway.

Oh noes again! Show accuracy says he needs spoiler! Alt mode is ruined! Bah! I didn’t care about the show, and no spoiler means he looks like less of a ricer.

Something else I’d like to address though is a trend I’ve seen lots of people start doing- removing the back kibble for bot mode and\or putting it on his arms for fist armor. This isn’t good for Hotshot in the long run, and it’s a little disturbing to see people jumping on the bandwagon for this. Those pegs are friction and pressure based, so the more you remove them the more you warp the little bits at the end that cause the friction and the pressure. But, I guess those people probably don’t care about whether the back kibble is lose in alt mode and it’s not like they probably going to display him with the back kibble on his back in bot mode, so that may be a moot point.

As for JaAms, I’d recommend Apple and Blackberry.

~Matt Booker

12 thoughts on “WhY mY SpOiLeRs hUrT?

  1. The spoilers looked bad anyways with the stupid gap in the middle. And Jolt couldn’t even fold to point his rotor behind Hotshot, so what’s the point of having him on there?

  2. Well, he sort of can… You just have to make it look like he’s splayed out on his back across Hotshot’s trunk. But if you ignore the face it’s actually not too bad.

    In bot mode, Jolt falls apart if you look at him funny.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Who’s idea was it to make his shoulder swivels the hinge that freaking holds him together, and then not make those joints permanently attached?

    With Cyclonus they updated Nightstick, but they downgraded Jolt. And then he’s Hot Shot’s only accessory…

  4. I think I found some guns for him. The missile/beam weapons from Smokescreen/Prowl/Bluestreak(I had a couple of spares). I cut away the round tab and trimmed the the armature so it fits in his blocky hands. I just need to paint them and I’ll post some pics when I do.

    As for his design, I think they were trying to keep with Armada Hotshot and failed. Kinda pisses me off that the Henkei version comes with two huge chrome guns. He looks better but I just hate paying the higher prices for Henkei, chrome goodies or otherwise.

  5. Very cool Bosch. Definitely take some pictures. I don’t have any to spare, but I’d still like to see it.

    As for Henkei… Hotshot’s one of the few cases where I actually liked the chrome addition, but that’s not enough for the extra cost.

    All in all, I really like Hotshot. He should’ve had guns and the spoilers should’ve been on the shoulder kibble, and his armpits should actually have a place to tab securely into his chest, but I still like him.

    And one of the best parts of the figure is the back kibble. Once it’s fixed, I mean. It’s different, and looks cool from the back and from the front.

    But then again, I really like Classics Galvatron.

    ~Matt Booker

  6. I’m just thrilled he can do a shoulder charge.

    Also, freakin sweet pic of him and Unicron.

    ~Matt Booker

  7. He is pretty cool. Though my favorite part is definitely the minicon.

    I had a sealed in damaged box but otherwise mint Unicron, but traded it for Leader Bulkhead and Voyager Bulkhead (who I need to replace…).

    The one I have currently is one that I bought from Walmart for $11. Yes, $11. After months of seeing it marked down slowly, I decided to buy it at $20 only to find that it was actually $11. (Or close to that. It was a few years ago, so, give or take a couple dollars.)

    That was the same store where I bought Energon Omega Supreme for like $7 when it was clearanced at $15.

    I was especially happy about that because all I wanted was the headmaster. Seriously. If it hadn’t gone on clearance I was going to pay full price for just the headmaster.

    $7 for an over sized minicon that turns into a head? I’m okay with that. :D

    I don’t even have the Omega Supreme body anymore, but the head is still on display on top of my computer.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. Yeah, plus Omega Supreme was pretty bad.

    I love Unicron though. Reprolabels has a label set out now to make him more geewunny that I’m thinking of getting.

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