Erector was one of my favorite micromasters as a kid. Maybe it was the color scheme, or that he had the best trailer of the micromasters, but he was awesome. All that before I even knew enough to giggle at his name.

Even now, I still have the little guy. He’s missing his crane and has a floppy arm, but is otherwise in good shape. He’s safely in storage now, though, as for my display the character got an upgrade.

Behold, the massive Erector my future Mrs. gave me!

Click on the image for the high quality version.

Just something I was playing around with. I looked for a few tutorials for shattered glass pictures online, but didn’t really like any of them so I came up with my own method. A little rough around the edges, but I’ll work on it more next time I do one.

How’s it look?

~Matt Booker

6 thoughts on “ERECTOR SMASH!

  1. The shattered glass look was very good, You put a blur on the fist and then superimposed grey lines over the shot right

    oh and I had to re-read the sentence above the picture, you see I speed read and lets just say If you had misspelled one word I think lonely google searchers would have a field day…

  2. Close! It was a little more complicated than that, involving layers and shifting pieces slightly.

    It’s harder to tell on his fist, but if you look at his face and body, you can see the shifted pieces. His face was shifted into three pieces, though I should’ve made one of the lines more obvious with a tiny gray crack. Also, the big crack to the right bothers me, so it should’ve been smaller.

    Over all, I’m happy with this picture. I’ve learned some things, and next time I do one I’ll keep those things in mind.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Nice. I could use that for a picture in my next figure review, but I lack the technology and skills to do so.

    And that last line before the picture IS so very, very close to being naughty.

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