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I think the title of this post is an oxymoron. Despite Luke’s claims to having seen Nipple Torture Megatron and OptimuS&M Prime, I don’t know if the clearance isle exists at k-mart.

I don’t know what it is about k-mart, but I’ve yet to find one that’s very good at all. Toy isle-wise, at least. I’m really happy with the Little Caesar’s pizza attached to the one here in town, but cheap pizza aside the place is pretty crappy. I’d like to call it a poor man’s walmart, but that’d be odd considering the prices on products are usually higher.

Admittedly, the one here in town is not the worst I’ve seen. I’ve been to one in wichita, kansas, where the isle was a mess of half opened packages, strewn about loose figures, barely any attempt at organization, and topped off with dirty floors.

But honestly, I think that was a symptom of the city, and not entirely the k-mart.  The walmart and target there were clean and organized, but they had an entirely different customer base. K-mart seemed to be where all the dregs and dirty people went, slovenly shoving their kids off in the toy isle to let that half broken and full opened Iron-Man play babysitter while they shopped for more neon spandex pants and cans of corn.

Sorry about that. It’s my attitude towards city life showing again. I apologize. I honestly have no ill will toward cans of corn.


Anyway! Back on subject!

The local k-mart here has had a few good things about it. It got the 3 3/4 inch marvel figs in before walmart, and has had some universe legends figures, but here’s the really puzzling thing…

They’ve still got figures from the 07 Transformers movie.


2 Voyager Megatrons, 2 Voyager Starscreams, a Deluxe Camshaft (maybe two), and two Leader Desert Brawls.

Now, I had intended to post this about a month ago but I’d skipped over it for a bit, so this list is currently outdated. They sold both Megatrons, apparently.

They’ve had those there since I moved here late summer last year. I’ve had my eye on one of those Brawls, cause I skipped both decos of the leader version the first time around. I kept hoping for clearance, but nope. Still close to $50.

I’d pay half that, maybe a little more, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to clearance them.

This is either them being stubborn and stupid or brilliant.

Maybe somebody at k-mart knew that Transformers 2 was only a couple years away, so they set an order not to clearance any transformers merchandise, and now that 09 and Revenge of the Fallen is here, somebody is going to mistake it for a new transformer and buy it for full price.

*shakes fist angrily at k-mart*

Of course, I might not even care that much if it weren’t for that Brawl taunting me all the time.

~Matt Booker

7 thoughts on “K-Mart Clearance

  1. I’ve always thought of K-mart as being one of those places where those people who thought Wal-mart was too red-necky and Target was was not ‘necky enough to go to. The last K-mart I was in was in Midwest City, OK(and that was about 5 years ago before it closed) and it was in good condition but was craptastic on most any selection be it toys, clothes, ETC.

    As For Brawl, yeah, I’d definitely not pay full price for one, I’ve read on too many boards about them being floppy, or just really substandard on a whole. I bought the deluxe version and it was about as bad as Galvatron, luckily a lot of tweaking and superglue fixed him up for the most part.

    I think someone at K-mart simply got lazy. That said, if someone bought the others there, it’s only a matter of time before someone else thinks they are getting a deal for buying at full price something that obviously should have double since the first movie. That or they are just desperate.

    Damn I talk a lot…

  2. Is your K-Mart the same as our K-Mart? I think our Target is the same; they at least have the same symbol. We don’t have a Wal-Mart. We have a Big W but I’m pretty sure that they’re not in anyway affiliated. Also Big W’s are unanimously shitty.

    Our Target and our K-Mart are owned by the same mob (Coles) while Big W is owned by the competition (Woolworths).

    Anyway, all the Targets around my area have, seriously, nothing BUT Movie’07 figures. They were doing good for a little while there, when Animated was new and fresh. But that line shelfwarms something terrible, so it seems as though Target has cleared all of that stock and replaced it with JUST Movie’07 figures. Crap ones too. They’ve added some Universe stock, now that the new wave of Voyagers (Inferno, Leo Prime, etc.) finally showed up down here, but they’re still predominantly Movie’07.

    My God: I am sick of that giant Movie Bumblebee.

    K-Mart is MUCH better. They’re mostly Animated stock. Seriously, if you ever want forty Sentinel Prime’s, eight of any of the Leader Class figures and thirteen Swoop, Elite Guard Bumblebee, Blurr and Swindle: Go to my local K-Mart.

    Oh, and about two hundred Lugnut.

  3. The Wal-Mart here still has 07 movie toys.

    I know someone who got a leader Animated Bulkhead for freaking $20 at K-Mart.

    The K-Mart here (Conveniently located near my bank/where my mom works) makes me think of a post-apocalyptic department store. It’s so lonely with only old people, five workers, one guy and his son, and myself. It’s like S-Mart after the deadites kill everyone.

  4. Esoteric:
    The Animated line Deluxes have been shelfwarming here as well. But that’s mainly because no one wants to pay freaking $13 for a Deluxe.

  5. The pain-lovers, last I saw them, were on some of the racks over by Electronics.

    And I too find it pretty disgusting that they still have Movie ’07 figures, and can’t seem to stock more than half a case of anything from the last two years.

  6. Bosch, don’t worry about talking too much around here. :p

    The way I always figured Target, it was for yuppies. People who though ‘more expensive’ means ‘more quality’ and like their propped up fashions and brand appeal.

    That being said, the ones I’ve seen usually had pretty decent stock in their toy section.

    Esoteric, odd about Coles. We have Kohl’s, but I think that’s mostly a clothing store. And hey, they might get rid of that giant Bumblebee soon. Just in time to put the slightly retooled version out. :D

    Monty, I got my Bulkhead in a trade. Traded a MISB Unicron for a voyager and a leader Bulkhead, kept the leader and the voyager is currently a head, a wrecking ball, and two hands.

    Luke, I don’t often go by their electronics department. It’s kind of out of the way and on the opposite side of the store from Little Caesar’s. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  7. “the voyager is currently a head, a wrecking ball, and two hands.”

    There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere. I’m just too lazy to look for it.

    I’m also a little scared to ask what happened to the rest of him, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

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