7 thoughts on “Bulk… head.

  1. With the cigar looking club and Snarl’s generally fat proportions, he looks like a mobster after a hit.

    He must have made someone an offer they couldn’t refuse.


    To me he already sounds like Louie Anderson from Life with Louie… Now I have to fight urges of him having a secret lil gangster personality.

    ~Matt Booker

  3. Louie Anderson… oh great. Now that’s gonna be stuck in my head forever.

    Grimlock: Dinobots, DESTROY!
    Snarl: It’s time to play the Feud! Survey says– BEATDOWN!

    Oh, and I get two pre-jump mentions in a row! I’m so the special!

  4. I’m a bit surprised you didn’t make any posts for the TF 25th Birthday yesterday/today (In other parts of the country).

    Hell, I made two posts.

  5. Luke, that was roflsauce.

    Monty, truth be told… I didn’t know about the 25th anniversary until it had already passed. I have read a bunch of the original comic, though. Craptastic, but that’s also looking back on it with modern sensibilities. It hasn’t aged too well (though it did start getting better after they realized it was something more than a few issues to support a show and sell toys.)

    ~Matt Booker

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