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  1. Between me and my old man, we have almost *all* of the Marvel Legends up until the more recent Hasbro lines (they’ve becomes somewhat of a rarity in Australia).

    I’ve got a heap of Spider-Man (-Men?) arbitrarily scattered around my Transformers display, but otherwise I only really display the X-Men. The bulk of the collection is in the other room, with all the comics. As I buy more Transformers, my Marvel toys get put into storage or shifted into the other room. Pictures!


    I want Rachel Grey, Phoenix, Storm, Psylocke and Mystique — they’re all in the house but they’re not *mine*. YET. /maniacal laughter.

    I’ve also got Moonknight, Thor, Danny Ketch Ghost Rider, Punisher and Deadpool surrounding my computer at various points too. :D

    lol at my Deadpool (link in name)

  2. I had a massive collection of pretty much everything, plus a bunch of sublines, customs, and whatnot… right up until this winter when I sold it all off.

    Between limited funds, not being able to find anything even when I did have funds, and the slow death of the 6″ market… I just lost interest. The figures annoyed me more than I enjoyed them. My experience is that when it hits that point, it’s time to weigh the options. Given that I knew I’d end up wanting the Hasbro MU figures for the scale alone, and I haven’t the space, money, or patience for the same collection in two scales, I just nabbed a select few I wanted to keep and the rest hit Ebay. Did the same with all the DC figures the month after.

    Haven’t actually bothered starting with the MU figures yet though… save the Iron Man figures, because I’m Tony Stark’s bitch. I’m sure I’ll change that before too long.

  3. I had a few complete series, misb, but sold em on ebay a while back. I still have an opened Ghost Rider (as seen in the Ironhide guide), Colossus, Beast, Ultimate Iron Man, and a nmisb (it’s a little dusty, but otherwise okay) Dark Phoenix. I need to sell the Phoenix sometime, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

    I had em misb because I liked the way they looked in package, and I had several rare ones (misb Juggernaut [he’s so heavy it’s hard to find a non damaged package], misb Stealth Armor Iron Man, misb Giant Man, misb unmasked Wolverine, etc), though mostly that was because the walmart I was close to had freaky distribution (I bought one Deadpool and passed on two others, bought two Dark Phoenixes, for examples.) and there were no other collectors that shopped there. Well, outside of hot wheels…

    Also, when I did open some, I wanted them to be smaller. I wanted them to be GI Joe sized. I eventually stopped the compulsive collecting, and made a decent profit on ebay, and now there’s more room for my tf displays, but Gambit…

    Granted, I gave Gambit to my future Mrs., but he’s on display because he’s cool. I have the suites tattooed below my knuckles, did anyone expect me not to like a card throwing character?

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I noticed the tattoos in one of the pictures on here.

    There was a guy at my school who was really good at throwing cards. So much so that he was known as “Gambit”. He graduated last year, but recently visited the school. We knew he had visited because of the card stuck in the art room ceiling.

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