Star Trek

Go see it. Pay money to see it.

Have you already seen it? Why aren’t you watching it again?!

My future Mrs. is not a Star Trek fan, and though I’m no obsessive Trekkie (I’m close to that with Transformers, though), I’m fan enough to have ‘wrote Star Trek parody fan fiction during high school‘ on my list of ‘why I became a writer.’ (Yes, it’s early work, scripted style, rushed at times, and rough around the edges, but I still look back on it fondly. Jaime’s newer work is getting interesting, too.)

Hmm. That paragraph got a bit convoluted with the nested text, so let’s try that again…

My future Mrs. isn’t much of a Star Trek fan, but she finds humor in the original series when we’ve had the chance to watch it. She hadn’t seen a Star Trek movie before this one, hadn’t watched Picard (any card) or Cisco, and had a mild distaste for Shatner thanks to his Priceline commercials. She always laughs when I parody Picard (any card)’s diplomacy over action, and doesn’t laugh too much when I declare that Captain James Tiberius Kirk is like James Bond, only awesome.

Seriously. As I’ve said before…. If Chuck Norris were a real person, he’d be Captain Kirk.

I liked TNG, even watched it every weeknight. But I grew up with TOS on weekday mornings. Just past Andy Griffith and The Beverly Hillbillies, but before the awful Hawaii Five Oh, there was the awesomeness of James T. Kirk and his 5 year mission to seek out new life and sleep with their women.

Except for lizard people. He may have slept with some, but not before he hurled heavy rocks at their menfolk.

I can see Picard (any card) watching holo simulations of these historic moments, giving his head a fresh shine with pledge and muttering, “How barbaric, numbah two. If only he’d tried to reason with them first! And let me tell you, there’d be far less hanky panky if I were in charge.”

I kid, of course. Sort of.

With this latest movie, I both introduced my future Mrs. to just how great Star Trek can be, but found it was better than even I had thought it was. Bill, you’ll always be the first, but long live the new Kirk! He is sufficiently bad ass.

Every one of the crew was spot on, as far as I’m concerned. (With the guy playing Bones probably the best, and Simon Pegg as delightfully good as I had hoped.)

Have I been blinded by my own fan wankage? I don’t think so. Consider that I used to be more of a Star Wars fan than Star Trek. Star Wars had the mystical, had the grit of a more ‘lived in’ future (and the angle of it being in decay), and had the lone hero story of good versus evil. Star Trek was more layered, but Star Wars was much more primal.

Then Episode One. Then Episode Two. Then… You know what? That’s better left for another post. Suffice to say that I left Star Wars behind for the most part.

But neither did I return for refuge in Star Trek. It was just there, and I stayed out of it while things like Voyager and Enterprise did their best to end the franchise.

But now… Now I have recaptured that elusive feeling, that mysterious wonder of the child in awe at heroes and their lives lived larger than most men. Of boldly going, and where no man has gone before!

At long last, Star Trek is not just protocol and diplomacy, a shining example of a political correct future where stories struggle to be great.

At long last, Star Trek is awesome again!

And if there had been bitter nerds ranting at the close of the movie, I would have beat the holy hell out of them. Why? Because that’s what James T. Kirk would have done!

~Matt Booker

13 thoughts on “Star Trek

  1. What?? Are you kidding me??

    HAHAHA No, everything you said was dead on! I’ve even told some trekkies to STFU and get over themselves and go watch it. The arguments are ongoing as I type this. Even my girly who’s all into/about TOS was really impressed with it. It was great, I’ll be seeing it again on the big screen.

  2. I haven’t see it yet (No money or time), but I really want to. I’ve only ever really watched The Original Series (I’ll watch TNG every now and then, but I have two seasons of TOS on DVD), so this is something that really excites me. I’m interested in seeing how well the guy who plays Sylar (I don’t watch Heroes) can pull off Spock.

    And there was about as much hanky panky going on in TNG. It was just from Riker.

  3. Quinto did an awesome job as Spock. He’s a MUCH better Spock than he is a Sylar. Less his fault, more the writers and the direction and the everything else wrong with that show’s fault. The whole cast was awesome, really.

    I’m not a huuge Trekkie. I innately prefer Picard and TNG because I find Kirk and TOS very, very silly. This update to TOS was much appreciated and beyond fantastic – but it won’t get me any more into TOS than I already am. I’m perfectly fine with my Wrath of Khan and Khan related episodes and various other select few.

    We totally need a sequel.

  4. TOS is like G1 in that it’s much better at ‘concept’ than ‘execution.’ There are parts of it I really like, but I like the concept of the characters better than the actual episodes.

    So naturally I’m really into this reboot. It’s like Animated is to G1 in that it took those characters and concepts and did them just the way they should’ve done.

    ~Matt Booker

  5. I seem to remember Chris Pine hamming it up the Kobiashi Maru test, but where he really shines as Kirk is being a non corny version of the character’s stereotype.

    And Bosh, I always liked, “I’m a doctor not a brick layer!”

    ~Matt Booker

  6. Just found your website thanks a million to google. I plan on doing your Ironhide modifications, and your website is intriguing. However, I think you are dead wrong on this.

    Why? I’ll tell you. First, Kirk is not a stereotype. Kirk is flawed character played by a bad actor who can not help but pause his dialogues mid sentences. People have the stereotype about him to MAKE FUN OF HIM.

    I am a Treker, more than a Transformer collector, and it looks like you are the opposite.

    I will NOT be seeing this movie. This is not because I am a huge fan of T.O.S., quite the opposite in fact. I think Kirk and his crew are full of bad dialogue and science fiction cliches. The technology is dated and it itemizes women as sexual objects. (Mini-skirts, Uhura as a glorified receptionist, and GREEN WOMEN!) It pretends to be cerebral but it is just bad sci-fi.

    That is not saying the concept is not good. Did I not just say that I love Trek? Yes, because I love The Next Generation. It takes everything that T.O.S. did and gets it right.

    It is so much more intelligent, and Picard knew that violence is never the answer.

    Kirk vs Picard? Ha! Kirk would punch at Jean Luc and then Jean Luc would have him court marshalled. Kirk would be a washout while Jean Luc was sipping tea and having a croscant.

    So NO I WILL NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE ALREADY! The original series was not intelligent enough and this glorified action fest piles on the dumb action to attract the average movie goer. Trek is for intelligent people, not average stupid people.

    I am sorry if I came off as bitter. I do like your guides. The humor is a bit off color, but I am not a prude. ;)

  7. “Trek is for intelligent people, not average stupid people.”

    I can’t figure out what part of this comment amuses me more… is it the mental elitism of finding the “average” person to be “stupid”, and therefore unworthy of Star Trek?

    Maybe it’s the assumption that Trek is highbrow “intelligent” entertainment, which was preceded by the rant/admission that it all stems out of TOS, which to a large extent negates the idea, since TOS and the new movie are for “average stupid people”.

    No, it’s probably the ridiculous amount of judgment and elitism stemming from an admitted lack of actually having the facts. Bitching about the themes, intelligence, and audience of a movie a person hasn’t even seen is just the height of absurdity.

    I honestly don’t mean to sound harsh, but I can’t even pretend to respect an opinion that is based on a stated refusal to know what you’re talking about. If you had seen it and then gotten on the high horse, then I could see where you’re coning from. At least you did they research before you got on the soapbox.

    But this… no. It doesn’t even matter if I think you’re wrong or right, or what anyone thinks of the movie, because the argument itself is flawed. Everything you say comes from a position that is ludicrously indefensible.

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