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  1. Sold to somebody, probably for parts or a kitbash. I kept the cannon, the part the cannon was attached to, and the two swords. Same thing with Ultra Magnus, only on him I just kept the hammer.

    Leader Megs was too simple and I just couldn’t get passed the shoulder articulation on Magnus (if you raise his arms up, the arm goes back so that when it is parallel to the floor his wrist is about even with his face). It doesn’t help that I like smaller tfs better, so they were both facing a tough standard anyway. (Some leader’s make it, like Bulkhead, Brawl, and probably ROTF Optimus Prime.)

    My favorite animated Megs is still the deluxe from the two pack. I know that’s the opposite of most people, but I’m okay with that. I don’t know if I would’ve kept Magnus as a deluxe size, but definitely not a voyager. He would’ve been a keeper at leader class if it weren’t for his ‘only looks good when at his side’ arm articulation.

    The hammer, cannon, shield, and swords are all great, though. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  2. So cute! ^_^

    I love a mans with big guns.

    And Spongescream, I bought cliff at my Target… and Im in the us!

  3. I still can’t find him. I did find some RotF stuff today though!

    Cliffjumper’s voice is surprisingly deep. He also has a huge chin, even by Animated standards.

    Spongescream: He’s available in the US. Because, you know, ANIMATED HASN’T BEEN CANCELED. I’m getting tired of people saying it’s over, when it’s clearly just on hiatus. The show and toys have been very popular, and Hasbro likes money. So they wouldn’t end a popular line for no freaking reason.

  4. Don’t underestimate a network doing something stupid like canceling a popular show (just ask Joss Whedon or Judd Apatow). I really hope they don’t, and honestly our fandom doesn’t exactly have a good track record of always looking on the bright side of things, but I’m iffy enough about it to not guess one way or the other.

    Again, I hope they didn’t cancel it, but CN’s got a full schedule and has already proudly declared a bunch of returning shows… quite a few of which are not cartoons. WTF, cartoon network?

    There are a few things that lean towards them ending it this season. For instance, they heavily hinted at Optimus being the next Magnus, the last two episodes are called ‘endgame’, and…

    Well, maybe they aren’t sure whether they’re getting picked up for Season 4, and they’re doing what the Beast Wars writers did. It’s nice to have an ending, but one that the show can come back from should the network let the show come back.

    *really wants a cybertron Ratchet*

    ~Matt Booker

  5. hate to ill on you twos parade, but your just talking

    they didnt say one way other the other about it being cancelled

    maybe at botcon?


  6. woa woa woa monty python! i was talking about the toy not being released in the u.s. so far they just had austrialia and canada with some thinking he might not come out in the u.s.

    the show is totally cancelled though i think i read something about it on the allspark once

    just a rumor but look at how the shows been going im sad too but think of it this way….. i see lots of pegwarmers and their all animated! popular with adult collectors yes but how is it with children?

    im sad to see it go but you gotta admit they are probably going to do something reallistic like the movie! it would confuse kids to have the style change so suddenly

    maybe itll come back as comics though

  7. I still say it’s a little too early to think the show’s been canceled. It’s probably not coming back for a bit, but it could just be on hiatus.

    As for shelf warming, at least here Universe is just as bad as Animated.

    Though not as bad as the Wolverine toys. Seriously, it’s like Hasbro invited some Mattel people over to help. “Batman did really well, and it was mostly Batman. We could save money on villains if we have lots of Wolverines!”

    ~Matt Booker

  8. The only reason Animated has been shelfwarming lately is the stupid $13 price for Deluxes. No one wants to pay that! At places that still have the roughly $10 price, they’ve been selling out. Not to mention how well the Voyagers and such have sold (Trust me. I’ve sold quite a few Animated Transformers while working at TRU). And I doubt Cartoon Network can cancel Animated without Hasbro’s consent.

    Spongescream: Sorry about that. I help run a 1000+ member TF fangroup on another site, and those rumors have been flying about a lot recently. I got into snark-mode when I read your comment.

  9. I completely agree with Ultra Magnus’ lame arms; but I still can’t believe you sold Leader Megatron. (I can’t believe that I bought him for $90 when the entire Leader range has been reduced to $39 at K-Mart’s everywhere). Easily one of my favourite figures in the line.

    Talk of Animated being canceled scares me. We’re still waiting on Wreck-Gar, Shockwave, Waspinator and Samurai Prowl and meanwhile every other toy in the line since Sentinel Prime is shelfwarming.

    I’ve decided “I love a mans with big guns” is dirty. O:

  10. Yeah, MS08th sniper rifle. I have about 2 dozen gundam kits just hanging about for spare parts.

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