Revenge of the Fallen Haul

Last weekend was the grand start of another new line, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Call em Bionicle, Bayformers, Ugly, or just plane Awesome, they’re here for the next couple of years. With the demise of Animated confirmed at Botcon, and Universe\Classics 3.0 a long way off, how many of you will drown your sorrows in the sultry seductions of Bay’s bug-eyed bots?

I know I will.

The first time around, I only got a concept Bumblebee, Ironhide, Bonecrusher, and Salvage. Ironhide is a bit regrettable, Bonecrusher is small but lovely, concept Bumblebee remains awesome, and Salvage is to mark a memory.

See, I used to drive an old F-150. Now, I know Salvage is a repaint of Dropkick (a more annoying urban style deco), but without the bed cover (giant pliers, wtf?) and if you need glasses and you squint a little, it reminds me of my old red and rusted truck.

I had passed on most of the line because it didn’t appeal to me. Prime was ugly, chunky, and had way too much kibble, and Starscream had more undercarriage bulk than any jetformer I’d seen in years. (Bear in mind I’m also the guy who likes Animated Blitzwing….) There were a few I liked almost enough to get, but passed for one reason or another (Barricade, Leader Brawl, Landmine, etc), but for the most part I’m glad I held off.

That was not the case last weekend.

After being tempted by early reviews for months, and lusting after K-Mart’s Deep Desert Leader Brawl, I was ready more and more as the weeks drew in to the the 30th. Then there were reports of stores breaking the street date, even Walmarts doing it, and then, almost two weeks before release date my local Walmart had emptied shelves and pegs and placed upcs announcing rotf toys! Bigger than the animated and universe\classics section combined, but empty!

Surely they’d be putting them up soon… Surely Walmart wouldn’t have empty shelves for nigh on two weeks… Surely some stocker would set them out…

Maybe I shouldn’t have called him Shirley…

When the announcement came that all Walmarts were to release stock early at midnight, I showed up but they didn’t have stock on the pegs still. The night before, you’d think they’d at least put out the friggin stock. Nope. I even politely asked a couple of stockers when they were going to get them in.

One of those stockers turned out to be the assistant manager, and they were in the middle of putting out girls toys, so I figured it would be kind of a good time to ask.

Apparently they didn’t realize that it’s not a nice thing to be fucking rude to someone who is much bigger than them, because they were assholes and I punched them in the face.

Apparently they thought it was uncouth of me to politely ask when they were getting ROTF toys in, as they glared at me like I was a hotwheels scalper. The stocker spat, “They’ll be out tomorrow evening, when they are supposed to be out.” Meanwhile the assistant manager somehow scowled her already hagged up face to furl a hary brow above two bitter eyes. Already akin to pinpricks as they drowned in the folds of her angry scrunched up sag, her eyes bore utter disgust at me as I politely said, “Well, thanks. I appreciate the help.”

Man, I really wanted to punch them in the face.

I was too polite to punch them in the face.

Rude people fucking piss me off. I try to be as nice and polite to people as I can, and I usually have a pretty long fuse on my temper, but I guess it’s just one of my buttons.

A few hours sleep later and it was time for work, but I had just enough time to swing by and see the trash bag of ROTF goodness had settled into the toy isle, adorning itself with an ‘on sale at 5pm tonight’ sign. At least it wasn’t empty, but all day at work was spent wondering how to handle the crowd that big black barrier would attract. I’m a big guy (close to 17-inch biceps, long-ish hair, hand tattoos, and about 6’1″), so surely that would scare off some scalpers. Surely moms wouldn’t let their kids hang around for 30 minutes before it went on sale, especially next to the man with the jagged smile. Surely…

I had to stop calling them Shirley.

So it rolled around to 4:00pm and there we were, standing by the toys with a good position next to the voyagers, leaders, and deluxes, on the opposite end of where the legends, fabs, and gravity bots were pegged.

And we were the only ones there.

Just me and my Melody.

And that, dear readers, is the point of this whole post.

Sure, based on the title you might think I was just gonna talk about getting Leader Prime, Breakaway, Sideswipe, Rampage, and Starscream, but that’s not it at all.

The real haul, the real treasure, was the awesome woman who waited with me in the isle, awkwardly making conversation amongst ourselves as lookieloos wandered by. No scalpers, no other fans, and definitely no crowd.

For the whole hour, mind you.

Sure, there was the occasional mom with kids, who had hers look a bit through the plastic until she read the sign, then pacified them with bakugan (I did not know that was so popular), and Melody discovered a thick layer of dust on the tops of the crappy Batman: The Dark Knight toys, but for the most part it was just us standing there.

She’s a bit shy anyway, and to be standing there next to a ‘look at this!’ marketing strategy, for an hour, just so I could have some toys staked out in fear of scalpers, well that’s not just awesome, that’s… That’s just another example of how wonderful she is, and I want her to know I appreciate her.

So, sneaky post title, and rambling lead up to it, but still. :)

In case anyone cares, I found preview Bumblebee and a better painted Sideswipe at another Walmart that night, found Skids and Wheelie at K-mart, and later found Soundwave at my local Walmart.

~Matt Booker

14 thoughts on “Revenge of the Fallen Haul

  1. Didn’t know Skids and Wheelie (Wheelie’s freaky looking) were out. And isn’t Sideswipe awesome? You also need to get Ransack.

    Also, if you’re ever in Louisville, stop by the TRU I work at, and, if you’re lucky enough to find someone (Not many of us are working now, as this is a slow time, but it will pick up soon), and you should be pleasantly surprised by the politeness of the workers. Particularly if I’m there. Because I’m awesome, you know?

    I wish I had a girlfriend who would go toy hunting with me. Well, first, I’d need a girlfriend period. I love and enjoy hunting, but it would be more fun with someone else, and I can only convince my friends to go if there’s some other reason they need me to drive them somewhere.

  2. The tower, the tower! Rapunzel, Rapunzel!…Ahem!

    Damn man, you and me both got some stellar wimmin’s!

    I went out around 1am the night they were doing the midnight release and the girly was like “Have fun, I’m too tired to go hunting with you tonight”. I scored leader OP at the third wal-mart I stopped at(The three I have around are like 15 mins from each other oddly enough).

    I have since picked up Sideswipe(and broke off the outside part of the right foot. Thought I seen a hinge there, but it was just a peg holding the foot together. He’s fixed but gives me a reason to buy another and have fun with the first one. I also snagged Breakaway(did the head/neck fix), Ransack(excellent) and Jetfire & Springer legends, also really cool.

    I’m surprised I never came across any rudeness, but then again, a 5’10” burly bastard like myself tends to ward people off at times. I did run into a Hasbro rep, she was cool but did not seem to have much info on releases(that and when I asked about leader Jetfire, she thought I was asking about ‘ESSPENSIVE ASS Devastator). She was telling me Hasbro is going just as nuts when G.I. Joe toys hit soon. *yawn*

    @MP: Are you talking about Lousiville, TX? If so, I might have to come crawl the isles, I’m just up the road in Frisco.

  3. D’oh! I forgot about Ransack. I actually got him before release date at my local Walgreens. I paid about $13 for him, but he’s awesome enough to warrant it.

    I did the Breakaway fix tonight, too. Thankfully I like the lighter colored one, which seems to be in full force around here.

    As for Skids and Wheelie, that K-Mart skipped wave 1 for 2 Skids, 2 Wheelies, 2 Chromias, a Deep Desert Brawl, and a Smokescreen.

    I’m not getting the Brawl because I’m still going to pick up the leader version sometime, and didn’t want a Chromia or the Smokescreen.

    And Monty, Wheelie is indeed freaky looking. It is precisely for that reason I picked him up. Skids is actually pretty cool. His Pilsbury Doughboy action feature is funny (poke his tummy and he looks like he’s laughing), and I like the green on him.

    Sideswipe just looks badass, though.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. I got Ransack for 7.99 minus my TRU employee discount. =P

    Of course the lighter colored Breakaway is more prevalent. The darker one is from Takara!

    I’ll have to check K-Mart (Never thought I’d say that). More toys should be like the Pilsbury Doughboy.

    Wheelie looks like a monstrous version of Wall-E. Hopefully he never makes a single noise in the movie. If he freaking rhymes ONCE…

  5. According to his bio, he gets threatened into being a Decepticon. What if Starscream says, “Ima chargin ma lazr!” and Wheelie says, “Wheelie say, make friends today?”

    I would laugh. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  6. By the way, Monty, did you see the link to somebody’s custom Classics Wreckgar in a comment on the previous post?

    ~Matt Booker

  7. So wait.

    You started out by telling an epic tale of a life-and-death quest for Transformers, the gladiator-style battles to achieve them, the trials and agony of the hero’s journey, the conquest of a maiden fair to share your spoils with…

    And the best ending you could come up with was an extended “thanks, honey, for standing around Wal-Mart indulging my obsession”? For heaven’s sake, man, slay a dragon or something!

    Speaking of dragons, keep in mind the oft-cliched line “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. The employees were being evil, and you did nothing. Next time you should punch them to show the error of their ways.

    That logic totally holds up, right?

  8. Fuck you, I’m a dragon!

    Seriously though, that logic holds up to me (the punching, not the ‘I’m a dragon’), but I’d have got a stern talking to from Melody and a possible banning from the store.

    (Though really, most of those cameras are fake and I’d have hid the body’s in k-mart, so nobody would’ve found em.)

    As for the ending, the post was getting rambly and I was tired?

    ~Matt Booker

  9. That custom Wreck-Gar is pretty awesome, but I’m waiting for Fansproject’s “Collector” figure.

    And, any time an employee is like that, just say something to the manager, or call someone. People should be polite to customers no matter how shitty their day and/or life is. And, if you’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to you, and possibly say something to your superior, which would benefit you.

    Finally, I got Leader Prime with some graduation money (I’m no longer in high school! YAY!). No Pillsbury DoughSkids or freaky Wheel-E though.

  10. Congrats on the Leader Prime, Monty.

    Oh, and the graduation too. ;)

    I still haven’t opened my Leader Prime. Savoring him…

    As for telling the manager, a few days distance has done a good deal towards angling my anger into meh. I don’t interact with them enough to care, as usually if something is hard to find I’ll just order it on the net and not even worry about it.

    ~Matt Booker

  11. Thanks!

    Leader Prime is beautiful. However, he’s incredibly complicated and his instructions are… frustrating, to say the least. Can’t wait for Leader Jetfire.

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