9 thoughts on “Skidmarked…

  1. I have figures out why Skids has such a giant hand.
    It is an oven mitt.
    He is the Pilsbury Doughbot.

    Also, Wheelie doesn’t rhyme! Instead, he curse. Like Bender.

  2. Oh you durty bastich! That’s the first time in awhile I have been caught by that.

    Looks like Bumblejerk is about to get bushwacked!

    As for Skids giant right hand…well, I think he has too much personal time on(or would that be With) his hand(s)? I mean he does have that rocketing fist action and all.. Ew! Ew! Ew!

  3. Once again, the Macomb Journal gets it wrong. That headline is no doubt meant to say “Local Bot Turns Into Eggbeater”.

    Hilarious pic though. I can almost hear Skids going “Here’s the windup… and the pitch!”

  4. I figured nobody would suspect it, Bosch. ;)

    Monty, check the links and you’ll see.

    As for Wheelie, lots of people are saying it’s a Rattrap homage.

    Jeffery, it’s more of a punch instead of a kick, but I guess it could go either way. Luke’s right on in regards to what I was going for when I posted the pic, though. :D

    ~Matt Booker

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