A guide to better Rampage elbows, hips, and legs!




RAMPAGE! What we’ve seen of him in the trailers and the toy make him out to be an angry mass of swarming death, pointy legs smashing and stabbing at the center of a tread whipped whirlwind of SMASH.

Bonecrusher would love this guy if he didn’t hate him.

But having the figure in hand, somewhere, through the dim lit depths of the new toy fog, a tiny voice was gathering strength. Slowly it built into a roar, rousing me from the contented sighs of deluxe delight until I could not ignore it any longer.

Rampage had problems.

It was that time again…


So here we are again, dear reader. Make haste! Rampage needs you, and you paid too much not to fix him.

What’s wrong with him?

The most obvious answer is, “no elbows!”

Yup, that’s the first thing.

But wait! Hasn’t someone already done an elbow mod for him?

Yeah. FrenzyRumble over at TFW2005.com’s Radicons came up with a mod and even made a great tutorial. FrenzyRumble is known for his incredible customs, and it was very nice of him to take the time to make such a well photographed tutorial. Go check it out.

Just don’t do the mod.

That’s right. I don’t think you should do the mod.

Cause mine’s better. :D

Okay, so honestly they can both live in peace and harmony, and if you do both mods you’ll be giving Rampage really articulated arms, but I think FR’s mod is a bit unnecessary. It gives Rampage an elbow, but it’s far too high up.  At just under his armpit, the joint is more of a second shoulder.

Here’s an image to illustrate, with Frenzyrumble’s elbow joint circled.

See how close it is to the shoulder? When Rampage’s arms are facing forward, the joint can’t even be used because it’s right next to the body.

Not to worry, though, as by following this handy dandy guide you can give your Rampage actual, useful elbows! It’s right in the middle of his instrument of doom arm and requires no extra parts.

Again, even if you’ve already done FR’s mod, you can still do this one.

The mods should play nice together, but if you’re only going to do one then you might as well do the most practical. My mod gives Rampage elbows that are useful in any arm position. If it helps, there’s also no need for heating up xacto knives and the difficulty level is considerably less.

Also included is my take on his leg problems. If you’ve ever handled him, you’ll know that Rampage had some of his articulation sacrificed for the sake of a Jackhammer mode with a bouncing gimmick.

A bouncing gimmick…

Sure, you could imagine him bouncing on the smashed remains of an orphanage, but it would still be bouncing.

The main issue with this? His front legs are linked, and can only move in tandem at the hips. There’s a few quick tutorials out there, but all the ones I’ve seen involve much more cutting than is necessary.

And for those salivating over the elbow mod, don’t worry- it’s up first.

See you tomorrow for Step 1 and Part 2 of RAMPAGE!

~Matt Booker

12 thoughts on “RAMPAGE! Part 1

  1. Sweet dude! I didnt even know there was an elbow tutorial out there.

    Good thing I didnt because that frenzy one looks lame. Better than nothing but if you can give a better elbow bring it!!

  2. And legs that move different of the other leg. Thats so frustrating on a modern day transformer!

  3. Still waiting for the end of Lovenut and the supposed Wreck-Gar guide…

    Personally, I plan to wait for Devastator, but I have friends who got Rampage, so I’ll let them know about this. And, depending on how cool he is after your mod, I might get one myself.

  4. Um, you’ll get your pics. That’s part of the guide.

    And Monty, Rampage is quite good, as you’ll hopefully see. :D

    ~Matt Booker

  5. Bumblegirl, Matt gives a great elbow. The elbow he gives is so good that…

    Wait, “elbow” wasn’t code, was it?

  6. SUH WEET!! i was just about to do frenzyrumbles mod but i hadnt because it has you heat up a blade and he says ‘if you cut the gray piece hes ruined’ or something

    so is this easier? and especially if it looks better and is on a better place for bending!

    monty python you should get rampage as hes really very interesting its just the flaws in the articulation that keeps him from being even better


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