Step 1 – Working Elbows


Step 1 – Wor-

Gah! Fine.

Welcome back everybody, for the part of this guide that most of you are wanting, giving Rampage elbows! It’s pretty straightforward, just disassemble, cut, glue, reassemble, and elbow! Because of that (and to hopefully inspire Monty to buy Rampage before the movie comes out and he’s hard to find) I’m presenting all the steps in today’s tutorial.

That’s right, all on one page. Ready?

Rampage Elbow Guide Tutorial Mod Fix Go!


Substep 1 – Disassemble!

Sorry Streaker, but I don’t think you’ll be very interested in this step. It’s actually the opposite of what you hand in mind.


Leave the screwdriver, though.

Now, where did I put that Lysol…

Heh heh. Yeah, okay. So first thing’s first, we need to carefully take apart Rampage’s arms. I’d recommend doing one arm at a time, so at the very least you have less parts floating around. Also be sure to keep track of what screw goes where, as some of them have different lengths!

Start with the screw holding his shoulder in place. Once unscrewed, remove the yellow panel and then slide his arm off of the shoulder peg. You’ll end up with an armless Rampage and three arm pieces.


Next up is the screw holding the large gear on his arm.


Now for the screw holding his tread assembly on. You don’t have to do this part, but I’d recommend it. Rubber treads should stay far away from sharp carvey bits.


Substep 2 – Examine the-

I’m not even talking about the joint yet!


Alright then.

Substep 2 – Examine the arm!

We’re going to cut the arm in two pieces, but before we begin, lets examine the arm. Think things through and be sure of where to cut!

Here is a picture of the main arm piece. The tread is still attached because… I took the picture a before I removed it. But you can imagine I did it to give you more perspective or something.

And here’s a closeup picture of the underside of the arm…

You’ll notice half of it is in ‘irl yellow’ and the other in ‘g1 green’. This actually is for perspective. Or something.

See the round part with the screw hole in the green section? That’s the part where the large gear would screw into, and it’s that area that’ll be Rampage’s new… murder joint.

The main thing needed is that the upper arm is cut away from the rounded part\lower arm. I put a razor blade where the rounded part met the upper arm, braced the back of the blade against the rounded part for stability, and cut a line across the arm.

You don’t have to do that, bearing in mind the main thing mentioned above. If you want it to look prettier, consider this the cut line.

It will look better, but this is Rampage we’re modding. I don’t think he’d care about the nitpicky looks so much as whether he could beat you with his new found articulation.


Also, regular readers will already know I don’t exactly use reccomended methods when carving things. Carving a single line with a razor blade is much easier than fancy angled cuts. I can do fancy angled cuts, but the mod was fine without it.

This guide shows how to cut the way I did, so adjust accordingly if you’re going the pretty route.


Yeah! That’s… an accurate description.


Substep 3- The Hard Part!

Still not your thing, Streaker.


It’s too bad I don’t have Emobee, cause this step is all about cutting arms.

Shut up, Swoop.

If you know how to cut things, or use something like a hot blade, feel free to skip this substep. For those wanting to try it like I did… don’t.

For illustrative purposes, here’s a record of how I did it with just a razor blade.

Holding the blade with the back of the blade against the rounded part as mentioned above, I made an initial cut.

This is done by only applying a bit of the pressure I’ll use in a moment, because my fingers are in close proximity. Less pressure = more control.

Gently rocking the blade while pressing against the plastic will create a cut. Get it deep enough that the blade starts guiding itself and switch positions. Move the blade around and instead of cutting from the side, cut from the bottom. Stick to that side, though.

As you can see, the blade has a thickness of it’s own, and that causes problems when making a tight cut like this. Unless you have a jeweler’s saw or something, you’re going to have to accommodate for the thickness by cutting a little off the sides as the blade goes deeper.

Eventually you can start cutting on the other side, using the current cut as a guide to keep it straight across.

I have to confess, once I got really really close to being done and had scored each side with the blade, I gently broke it in half. Snapped cleanly, too!

Now’s the time to do any cleanup you might have. It’s easier to cut away or shave down those ugly areas when everything’s apart.

What you should end up with is an arm piece in two parts. It’s here where it’s most obvious the difference an elbow in the middle of the arm can make!


Substep 4 – The ridged wheel needs the blade!

Almost done! The gear has two ridges in it that originally kept it from spinning while it was attached to the arm.

We need it to be able to spin, so carve away those ridges. It’s a bit tricky, but with patience you can shave them off so the inside of the gear is flat.

Carve off anything colored green in this picture.


Substep 5 – Glue!

Before we go on, I must once again caution readers on the dangers of toys and glue addiction.

Now that sticky business is out of the way, time for more sticky business!

As other guides have discussed, use whatever glue you’re comfortable with. This time I used Krazy glue because I still had some and it’s worked fine before.

Before you actually apply the glue, though, you should examine what’s going to happen and be very familiar with the placement of things. The glue doesn’t set instantly, but it’s close. You want to know right where you want to put it so if you do need a slight adjustment, you can use that short window of ‘tacky but not stuck.’

First screw the gear back on the lower arm, as it’s hard to know the correct position without the lower arm to guide you. That also bring me to the point this whole mod hinges on- the screw’s threads are only on the gear, but not the top part. Because of that, the lower arm can rotate as much as need be due to being held on by pressure from the screw head and not the actual threads. The great thing about this is that if you want the elbow tighter or looser, just turn the screw.

So now that you’ve got the lower arm screwed on, put the upper arm into position. You want to pull back a little bit on it so that it sits snugly up against the inner wall of the gear. Play around with it until you’ve got it where you like it, then move the arm away from it and do it over again.

Seriously, be sure you can easily find that position!

It’s actually not that hard, but I’d rather you think its srs bzns than go in half-assed and mess things up. Make sure not to get any glue on the lower arm, as if it’s stuck in place… well that’s missed the point of the mod. Afterwards, carefully unscrew the gear and let the gear\upper arm dry. I had mine set over night, and added some extra glue once the first few minutes of bonding had begun.


Substep 5 – Reassemble and rotate!

Put everything back together and then let the badassery begin!

As you can see from these pictures, at least some range of movement is available in any position. Don’t forget, some of those pictures are clickable and link to high quality versions.

If you liked this guide, please leave a comment to let me know!

Come back tomorrow for my solution to Rampage’s locked up legs in RAMPAGE! Part 3 and Step 2!

~Matt Booker

19 thoughts on “RAMPAGE! Part 3

  1. I wonder what Sunny would do with that screwdriver…?



    So, yeah, I’m going to go get Rampage tomorrow. Luckily, he’s pretty easy to find here.

    And, finally, I love the Wolverine pic.

  2. Hmm… I like this tutorial, but I’m a bit unsure about doing it myself. I don’t have the proper tools, and also don’t trust glue for some reason. :x No matter how strong, I always expect it to get weak someday. But this is still a good tutorial, nonetheless.

    Waiting in anticipation to see the leg mod, as I kinda figured the legs are okay as is. Interested in see how they can be improved.

  3. Thanks Monty. And Malunis, if you’re worried about the glue, go get a tube of Plastic Welder from Walmart.

    I know lots of model makers, modders, and high teenagers who insist that’s the best stuff to use.

    I use Krazy glue because I’m cheap and stubborn, so eventually I’ll get the Plastic Weld and try it out. For now, though, the Krazy glue hasn’t given me a problem on any of my glue related mods.

    As for proper tools, pretty much anything bladed and sharp and thin is the only tool you need. Well, aside from a screwdriver. So an xacto or a razor blade (in a proper receptical or at your own risk) will do.

    So don’t let that stop you. This is a very easy mod to do and you’ll be surprised at how much it improves the figure.

    ~Matt Booker

  4. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!


    That made my day. Now I will do the mod and make Rampage’s. ^o^


  5. I think my favorite part is the downcast Sunstreaker pic. The angle on it is beautiful… I’d almost believe you had another head with a different expression.

    I’m a bit disappointed he didn’t show back up when you said “sticky business” though.

    Thought you might want to check these out, if you haven’t already:

    Both of them are helpful guys talking about how to “fix” the legs, but neither of them do any actual modding to them. I don’t know how that compares to your own stuff, but I know you like to check out what others are doing to find the best result.

  6. Thank you sir!

    Mod completed in just under an hour.

    I did some more work as well and managed a shortcut. I shaved down the entire ring inside the new elbow gear, it provided a smoother flow for the elbow. As for the short cut, I followed your guide up to where you scored the limb so you would have a cutting guide, but instead of using a blade or saw, I have these cutters that are used for separating model parts from the tree/sprue’s they come on. With some care and talent I cut through then broke them off like you spoke about.

    Now Rampage won’t shut up about how cool he is and keeps giving me the Eric Idle “Wink wink, nudge nudge, Say no More!” routine. *sigh*

  7. Gobot Grimlock, glad it worked for you.

    Bosh, what cutters are those? Razorblades are manly and all but sometimes it would be nice to have a nice cutting tool. As for the inside ring, do you mean the inner edge of the ring itself or the bottom inside of the gear? As for the Eric Idle routine, wait till he can dance!

    Schlecki, how’s distribution for you? I would’ve figured the movie at least would be an equalizer, since it’s a big international thing.

    Luke, I hope you enjoyed the Sunstreaker part on the next step. As for the centaur look, not a big fan of it, and I tried out the spring disengagement thing before I did came up with the leg fix. I don’t care about him being able to bounce, and the spring disengagement thing is really only a half assed fix and doesn’t work that well. My leg fix for Rampage is so easy, why not do it?

    Unless your rampage likes bouncing.

    ~Matt Booker

  8. They are like these, but cheaper. http://www.testors.com/product/0/50628C/_/Micro_Shear_Sprue_Cutter Testor’s appears to be supa’ dupa’ proud of theirs. I got mine for like6-8 bucks 10 years ago. I think you can find them at wal-mart or hobby lobby(if you have them up there).

    As for the ring, it’s inside the huge gear that has the screw for the now modded elbow. Just got it smoothed down and the elbow flows pretty nice now.

    Razors are manly I agree, but the damned TSA keeps being dicks to me when I show up at the airport with them.

  9. Forgot to add that those shears do really well on cutting through thick plastic, and if you do it fairly gently, it ill cut real clean to boot.

  10. sorry man but jin saotome already did this mod and the guide two days ago, but wows man, this is detailedon the pix!!

    is your sunsstreaker gay or just sikotic?

  11. DOH i just saw your page was out lik a week before jins! sorry man, i read some of youre other guides though and their funny, guess your sunsstreaker is just gay, LOL! sorry again, you should post that you did this one first!

  12. Phantaman, it’s okay. Mine was out several days before Jin’s, but it’s not a race and I’m it’s cool that he came up with something similar. His animated fix threads were what helped get me started fixing things. :)

    And Sunstreaker isn’t so much gay as he is… omnisexual. But you should laugh because he’s a horrendous pervert. Sexual Preference and Pervert are not mutually exclusive.

    (Though if you’re into little green men fisting a Lambo’s tailpipe, it’s hard not to be a pervert.)

    Bitter cold, thanks and glad to read your comment.

    And Bosch, I think I’m gonna try that ring thing. It makes great sense. Mind if I add an edit with that step in there and credit to you? :D

    ~Matt Booker

  13. Ah no worries, you did the hard work, I just had a tiny hand in scrapping some plastic away. Heh

  14. Bleah, I might if I ever get around to modding him.

    Dave, it won’t effect transformation at all.

    ~Matt Booker

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