Step 2 – Hip movement


How does that even-

“Urgh… That, was, AWESOME!”

“The jackhammer is my penis.”

“And how!”


You said it, Swoop.

Okay, so now that the Captain Hammer reference is out of the way, lets get started on the guide, shall we?


If you’ve been following along, you now have a Rampage with actual elbows. Now it’s time to fix his other glaring flaw, legs that mimic each other’s movement! This isn’t too bad, since most poses require ol’ crabby to stand with his legs nearly identical, but I wanted him to have the option. At the very least, I like to be able to pose things how I want them when fiddling around with a figure, and the legs just didn’t cut it.

And neither should you! In fact, there’s so little cutting involved in this part, your primary tool is the screwdriver.

Here’s where I’d normally insert a happy picture of Sunstreaker holding the screwdriver, but he’s-

Hello Norman. Please put that down.

Okay, moving on.

Why does this screwdriver smell like pineapple?

*One different screwdriver later…*

First, unscrew his pelvis, freeing up the torso and legs, leaving you with two halves, a pair of legs, and a spring. No, there’s no pictures of this. If you don’t know what his pelvis looks like, go get a Green Goblin minimate and toss him at Rampage. Something will happen.

Next, throw the spring away. Yes, that’s right. This guide disregards the bouncy action feature. He can still do jackhammer mode, but his hips will no longer be spring loaded.

I’m not sure whether Streaker will be happy about that or not…

So now take the legs and pull the bar apart. It should easily split into two pieces, each one a leg with a part of the bar in between them.

Examine them carefully and notice how the two pieces fit together with a hole that fits the peg. That is, the peg is wide on one pair of sides and round on the other. This normally would keep the legs held tightly in place and keep them from having independent rotation.

We’re going to leave the male part of the joint alone and carve a bit out of the side with the female part of the plug.  In the picture above, it’s the part on the right side and has the bigger piece on the bar. Basically, you’re just going to carve that flat sided oval into a full circle. Very easy to do with a sharp blade, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Remember, less is more here, but the main thing is that it needs to be able to rotate.

Here’s a picture with the resulting area colored in green.

.That’s it! Well, that’s it for the carving in this step.

Yes, you heard me. Lots of places suggest cutting all the way through the bar, but it’s better for stability and tightness if you leave them connected. We’ve just given it the ability to rotate. :D

Now, we could just move on to putting the hips back together, but here’s something else other guides have yet to mention… If you do that, one leg is going to be tighter than the other, to the point of it eventually putting stress on the pelvis.

See that bigger section of the bar between the legs?  That will rub up against a notch on the inner crotch piece. (This guide is just full of potential innuendo…)

It does this by design, and is a remnant of the spring loaded jackhammer hips. When the larger section of the hip bar would come into contact with the raised notch, it would put enough pressure on things to keep the hips where they were without interrupting the bouncy gimmick.

Sure, we could cut that larger piece on the hip bar, but I just disinfected the screwdriver so I might as well use it that’s the hard way. All we have to do is swap those bar pieces and the molding inside the crotch won’t be a problem.

Start by unscrewing the upper part of each leg and separating the pieces.

Swap the parts circled in red, then reassemble the legs.

That takes care of the notch problem, but if you put the hips back together now they’ll be way too lose. Time to break out the superglue!

On the crotch pieces, carefully apply a layer of superglue to the parts where the hips will sit. I used Krazy Glue gel, so this was easy. Your method may vary, depending on what you use. The gel is great for this situation because it wasn’t dripping all over, and the thin layer stayed right where I wanted it.

Here’s an picture to illustrate, with the places to apply the glue colored in green.

I let the the glue almost completely set and then put the hips together with the legs, moving the legs around to ensure they didn’t get stuck, and then pulled them apart again. After the glue had time to fully set, I put everything back together and worked the legs around some more to get that extra tightness down to a comfortable stiff but smooth.

And there you have it. A Rampage with fully articulated hips!



“The dance of death?”


I own Streaker and Norman.

“Good point.”


Well, that takes care of his dancin hips-

Regardless! That takes care of Rampage’s hip movement problem. Come back on Monday for the rest of RAMPAGE!

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “RAMPAGE! Part 4

  1. Will get started on this today.

    Is sunstreaker without legs in that picture?


  2. Done and worth it! Did it in half an hour, and most of that was waiting on the glue.


  3. Dude, you’ve just made my rampage! I think Ill do the elbow fix now. And your green goblin is creepilicious.

  4. Here’s something goofy: I stumble across some guy on TF2005 who actually cut the connecting rod for Rampage’ legs apart instead of just pulling it apart.

    BTW, Rampage is trying to dance with Startscream.. Screamers looks to be getting kinda pissed. Being knock kneed and all…

  5. “I put everything back together and worked the legs around some more to get that extra tightness down to a comfortable stiff but smooth.”

    There has to be some way to use that line to embarrass you.

  6. Monty, you can’t pull some strings at work? It’s only going to get worse as the movie comes out.

    Bosch, I think I’ve seen a couple that did that. I usually try to google around a bit after doing a mod, so if somebody did something similar I can at least give them a shout out, but that… Better left unlinked. :)

    Bumblegirl, glad you liked it. Hopefully you’ll do the knee mods in the next step.

    And Luke, you’ll have plenty to make fun of after the midnight showing tomorrow. ;p

    ~Matt Booker

  7. Tried this mod, works P E R F E C T L Y.

    Oh and, as for the glue for the hip section, you guys can substitute it with layers of masking/paper tape until its solid enough to hold the legs. That way, I avoided unnecessary risk with the superglue.. >__>

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