Step 4 – Touchups

What’s this? No MURDERation of the title?

Rampage? Where –


Well… I suppose that was going to happen sooner or later. Might as well have been during the superglue step.


*sometime later*

“Good as new!”

You made it worse!

“Why would I want to fix a decepticon!”

You’re a doctor, aren’t you? An enemy is still a-

“Do I look like a liberal to you?”

This is that rhetorical thing, isn’t it?

“Feh! Fixing ‘Cons… Bad enough the things I have to fix on Sunstreaker.”

I can imagine.

“Do you know what a pineapple is?”

Yeah, I-

“Well I do! And I can’t tell you how much I hate them now.”

So, Rampage… Ball joints?

“Heh… Just the head, kid.”

*one trip to walmart and several mods later*

So! Now that we have a fully modded Rampage, it’s time for-



Hmm… Maybe he’s defective.


Eh, it’s an improvement. Less cleanup this way.

So is there any actual modding to be done in this post? Yeah, but it’s just a couple tips on touching up some things. More superglue fun!

First up is one that most people should know about already, but just in case…

Add glue to the tabs colored green in this picture!

Those plug into the shovel of the bulldozer when in botmode, and a thin layer of superglue will tighten up the connection enough to add more stability to Rampge.

Next up is one that I’ve not heard anyone mention, but should be a near essential step for any Rampage owner. Rampage has a block on his chest, and the yellow chest piece attached to the pistons clips onto it when in bot mode.

Or rather, it should.

Here’s a picture of the block.


Well, for this we really only need glue on the sides, as that’s the part that the other chest piece will grip onto. Here’s a close up, with the sides to be slathered colored in green.

Be sure to apply thin layers. The object of this is the same as tightening a joint with superglue. You just want to build it up a little bit to make it fit tighter.

And there you have it. I have a few other things in mind for Rampage, but this guide got the most important ones out of the way.

Also, props to Jin Saotome for coming up with his own Rampage elbow mod. It’s pretty much the same as this one, but his was several days after mine was posted. ;) Jin’s a great customizer, so I’ll take that as a compliment that we were on similar tracks about it.

Expect more from me for Rampage, but I’ve got a couple other things to work on first.

“FLUFFY BUN- Wait, really? This step didn’t really talk about much, custom-wise.”

“Perhaps we could-“

Oh Bummmblebeeeee

~Matt Booker

23 thoughts on “RAMPAGE! Part 6

  1. I still haven’t found Jin’s guide. I asked him on Twitter if it was more like yours or FrenzyRumble’s and he just said he didn’t know…

  2. It’s pretty much the same as mine + Bosch’s suggestion of shaving the inner edge of the big gear.

    His only has a couple of pictures, though, and is a lot less detailed and therefore a lot less beginner friendly. I don’t think he copied me or anything, just that he didn’t google around before he started posting his.

    And because I don’t go to all the major tf boards and throw up links to this site there are a bunch of people that are calling this mod ‘Jin’s wrist mod.’ Blar. First, it’s totally an elbow, as it’s in the middle of his arm. It only looks like a wrist if you get distracted by the huge gear. Second, I had this guide started several days beforehand.

    It’s not a race or anything, but when I post a guide I do a search to see if anybody has done something similar (which is how I found FR’s mod), so I can at least give them a friendly shout out. I’m a little disappointed Jin didn’t do that, as I’m at the top (or very close to it) of the results when you google something like ‘rampage elbow mod’ or ‘rampage elbow tutorial.’ It takes half a second, and would keep people like Phantaman (no offense, Phantaman) from getting on my comments section and accusing me of ripping off Jin.

    So if anything, just ask him to google around first before he starts posting tutorials, especially if they’re less detailed than the ones already out there.

    It’s sort of like my Ironhide guide. About a month before anybody posted any inklings of fixing him, I was showing off pictures on tfw2005 and tformers.com. I had danced around the subject of how to do it because I was doing a guide. Lesson learned, because a couple days before mine went up seibertron.com had a tutorial go up. I still referenced it, though, and took the hit as it was my fault I’d been procrastinating. To make matters worse, OAFE.net posted a copy of the seibertron guide.

    Hence my Swoop guide being completely under wraps until I finished it. (Of course, I still get lots of people asking if it’s the same as Peaugh’s [which it isn’t, my mod lets the flames pop out quite a bit farther], or people that have done Peaugh’s mod instead of mine [the two are not compatible], but Peaugh got Swoop months before retail and posted his guide shortly thereafter. His mod helped me develop mine, so he totally got a shout out during the guide.)

    I want to clarify, this is not angst or drama, or even me ranting. This was more along the lines of addressing a couple things and being overly detailed, as well as a couple blars thrown in because of annoyances.

    Maybe I should go around posting links on various websites. I try not to, as that’s kind of spam. Heck, it’s borderline the when I do it now, but I only do it on sites where I regularly contribute.

    On the plus side, somebody at the tfwiki loves me. Go look up Rampage on tfwiki.net. :D

    ~Matt Booker


    Seriously though, this has to happen all the time with all the guys modding up their toys. Those that get all cranky about it for “choose a reason” needs to put away the ‘tude and grab a twinkie or 12 and chill a bit. We’re all friends here, or at least we should be seeing as we’re a buncha big kids playing with our fav toys.

    Now as far as modding goes, I blame you and Jin for my toy modding habit, otherwise it might never had occurred to me or it would have and would have been an ugly thing to behold after the fact. Honestly though, I like yours better because you make it fun. The Blitzwing adventures still cracks me up. Not to mention I borrowed a little(okay, a lot) one time to make my own little strip.

    I will say Jin did take the extra effort to make the angular cut when he did the elbow mod and I did think about it, but laziness got the better of me, so I just went straight across. Regardless, either of them look and work great and that’s all that really matters in the end.

  4. I agree with you completely Bosch, and if I came off as sounding butthurt at all, I really didn’t mean to. It was early, little sleep, and I was getting annoyed with people pointing out ‘You know Jin’s already did that.’

    And as I’ve said before, Jin’s mod guides for animated fixes were what made me finally do a mod. After that, it’s like a taboo broke, a sudden realization that I didn’t have to put up with things. My stuff was mine, but not mine. I paid money for that, why would I carve it up? What if I break it?

    But once that was done, I started actively looking for things to fix.

    Let me correct something… I AM a little butthurt about the Ironhide thing. But that’s butthurt at myself because I completely procrastinated. By like a month. And then once I got the guide put together and scheduled for automatic posting, a guide as seibertron showed up. I /was/ angsting over that because I try to not even bother with guides if it’s something major that someone has already done. Each guide takes me several nights work, and I’d already scheduled that one so I went ahead with it, but it made me feel uncomfortable.

    Believe it or not, I’ve had people ask me if I’d do a guide on the Breakway fix of Jin’s. Two people asked because they didn’t understand a few things. I gave them some pointers, but Jin’s guide had it covered. (And my Breakaway is awesome now.)

    So again, not butthurt over Jin’s guide, and definitely not wanting teh dramas.

    Enough with me being defensive. It’s really easy for me to feel self imposed guilt about things, but I don’t want an annoyance to come off as angsty.

    I’ve never talked with Jin, but if I ever do, one of the first things I say will be ‘thanks.’

    ~Matt Booker

  5. Monty, don’t worry about it. Tell your friends if you like the guide and think they might find it useful (which you did with this one. *waves at Malunis*)

    ~Matt Booker

  6. matt, bosch, sorry i was a jerk to matt. you guys are all cool and i was just thinkin you might ve been ripping off jin. sorry sorry guys

    bosch if your a girl sorry about that too!!!!

  7. I apologize for the mean email, Matt. I should’ve checked the post dates. We cool, brotha?

  8. No worries, guys. Assuming you’re guys. And Phantaman, I’m pretty sure Bosch’s a guy. ;)

    I may just delete the comments, so you guys have nothing to angst over and can have a fresh start. (I’ll give it a day or two before I delete them, so hopefully you both have a chance to read the responses.)

    Not to mention, any new visitors won’t think that teh drama is a regular occurrence around here.

    Remember, the beatings will continue until morale improves!

    ~Matt Booker

  9. And also, Bosch, that’s incredibly and completely awesome that you blame me and Jin for your modding habits. :D

    That’s such a great compliment. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  10. *looks at plumbing*

    Yep, the fire truck has a hose. (OMG Did he really go there???)

    Keep the comments, they show that things got kooky for a few mins but returned to normal, always a good thing.

    Phantaman, I apologize to you as well, I tend to aim the howitzer in a broad pattern when things look patently stupid and needs correction(Also, I was not meaning that(my post on this entry) for you, or anyone here on MB.info). As for the previous post, you followed up after wards and seeing as it’s Matt’ yard, I let him make the call on it.

    Matt, don’t sweat the “guide on time” business. I personally think it would be neat if these wound up becoming an ongoing strip with you doing comedy/mods on current & past figures. But no pressure or anything.. Well, ok, a little. :P

    As I said earlier to Matt, we’re all big kids playing with our toys, so lets have fun, and when things pop up like this, roll with it, give credit, be respectful and all that other social stuff.

    And Finally(Does Bosch ever STFU?) Yep, you & Jin wrecked me for life. Little by little my mods grow. I use to do Battletech, Warhammer 40k & D&D mini’s work several years back and by doing the TF mods, it woke me up to doing the mod work, so again, thanks.

    Now lets play with our toys dammit!

  11. It’s entirely your fault that I mod my TFs so often now.

    Therefore, it’s your fault that my hands get cut with the razor blade (I don’t even use your method! I use a boxcutter!) or otherwise injured…

  12. aha, Matt mentioned me in the comments. XD

    An update on my Rampage: I ended up trying out frenzyrumble’s mod, and it was a lot easier since I didn’t need glue (or a lighter like his mod suggests – just an ol’ kitchen knife did the trick), but that’s not to say your way is bad. In fact, I will consider your mod once I have all the right tools… and am not afraid to break something on this guy. o_o; He might attack if I do.

    Also, I tried doing the independent leg movement and kinda stopped halfway, can’t remember why. So I tried to reassemble them and the spring as best as I could, and… well, now, his jackhammer move doesn’t work properly, but at least his legs still bend independently, and they’re not loose since the spring is still intact. Not sure if they fold in all the way for the alt mode, but all seems to be fine right now.

    I do wanna thank you for your ventures in toy modding – I may not have every single toy you’ve done mods for thus far (or have the need to do mods on the ones I DO own), but I’m sure you’ll be doing more that will catch my eyes as the days go by. Here’s hopin’!

    Also, a little off topic: Where the heck does his piston thing store in his alt mode? I’ve tucked it into the little gap above where the front legs go, and also “plugged” them into the flat panel attached to the front, and neither method is all that solid. I feel like I’m missing something, or they didn’t design him 100% solidly. :x Help?

  13. Way to go Matt for an easy to follow modding of Rampage!!

    From where I’m from, there are toy shelves full of these things, since people easily snap up Bumblebee or Sideswipe, but neglect this awesome Constructicon, now made more badass thanks to you. ^_^

    As for me, I just bought a Rampage and will only try to mod his elbows, as i have so little free time nowadays. A short question before I proceed though.

    Will the new elbows still give the caterpillar track parts stability when I return him to bulldozer mode? I dont want the elbows to bend or deform the caterpillar tracks while he’s in his alt mode, when i wrap his “whips” around the caterpillar assembly again.

    Thanks again.

  14. KOZ you should mod the legs too!!! It takes less work than the elbow mod.

    And the elbow mod doesnt hurt bulldozer mode and the tracks are still solid, just unbend the arms and wrap the tracks around.

    But also mod the legs. Its easy.


  15. its okay bosch and matt dont delete the comments, at least I didnt send you a awful email! hey matt why is your animated bumblebee so violent?

  16. Knight of Zero, thanks! As for stability in alt mode, it should be the same as the treads hold things together nice and tight.

    As Gobot Grimlock said, the legs are pretty easy to do. I’d say they’re even easier than the arms, as they don’t involve as much cutting.

    So, the comments stay. It’d just look awkward if someone only read part of them and came back to see them deleted.

    Malunis, that piece is supposed to rest snugly in place, but it only sort of does. I’ll add take a picture and post it in a day or two, but if you fiddle around with it you should be able to find a position that is parallel to the ground and has two notches in it for the black tips of his front feet to rest. If that description is a little vague, it’s because it’s been a week or so since he was in alt mode. It is there, though, and rests there well enough to shake him around without it coming loose. Still not tight, and it comes loose if you move the blade, but the notches would indicate it’s the correct position.

    Thanks, Monty, Bosch, and Malunis. :D Always glad to help people be less frustrated with tfs, and it’s even better to know you had fun along the way. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  17. Also, Phantaman, Bumblebee is violent because… Well, go read the archives. :)

    ~Matt Booker

  18. Chicks dig scars, though.

    Next time you’re trying to impress a lady, give her a thumbs up.

    ~Matt Booker

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