Ravage, HO!

I passed up Scorponok from the first film because his bot mode was ridiculous and I didn’t feel like paying deluxe price for an out of scale action figure.

Ravage? From the moment my future Mrs. declared, “Deceptikitty!” at the concept art, his place in the collection was sealed. Now, I could tell you about how he exceeds expectations, has an awesome Chocobo of Doom fanmode, or even expound upon his nom-nom gimmick.

But all those pale in comparison to the single best reason to get him. Once you know it, you will have to buy Ravage.

You have been warned!








You heard me… Deadpool.


“We can has cheezburger FOR GREAT JUSTICE!”


Ravage is like if Battlecat knocked up Skeletor on some lost episode of He-man that turned into a Transformers crossover.

Deadpool fits into Ravage’s natural saddle area, and the spike used for his nom-nom gimmick acts as a nice handle. They’re currently in this pose on my workbench, and have been pretty much since I got Ravage.

Anybody have a good caption for the picture? Post it as a comment!

“Oh! How about, ‘Galloping triumphantly atop the dessicated ghost of Megan Fox’s sexual innocence, DEADPOOL heroically scours the underworld to rescue Bea Arthur from David Carradine!'”

“Too soon?”

More like… I can’t stop visualizing Ravage as the horrific, skeletal personification of what’s really in Megan Fox’s underwear.

“Then you’ve got nothin to worry about. Have you seen the imax version?”


“She doesn’t wear underwear.”

How does that help?

“It helped me!

Megan Fox underwear, and lack thereof? That’s going to lead to some disappointed google searchers.

“Meet local singles! Drunk floozies and President Obama can help you increase the size of your stimulus package to pleasure her the way you’ve always wanted!”

Shut up, Wreckgar.

“But I am Wreck-Gar! A winner is you, with cheap Canadian online degrees, work at home in just-“

“Huh… Makes sense to me.”

Back on topic… Anybody have fun captions for the picture? Post them as a comment!

“Now, about those floozies…”

~Matt Booker

19 thoughts on “Ravage, HO!

  1. DeadPool: “This is going to be the longest 8 seconds of my life!”


    DeadPool and his trusty steed, LOLCat!


    Prince Adam is soo going to be Jealous!

    and finally..

    No! I said round me up a large POSSE!

  2. Soundwave: Ravage! Eject!
    Deadpool: Thats the last time I carry Sounwave in my front pocket!


  3. So cute Monty!! =) Funny Bosch!

    Ummm…… How about, Deadpool- Now that you made TF2 even better, lets go fix my movie!

    Well the good ones are taken! =p

  4. “I got rearended by a jeep today.”

    “Funny the car looks fine.”

    It worked last time lol

  5. ROFL, everyone.

    Dave, you’re still hanging around! Of course, I get a couple hundred visitors a day but only a handful actually care to post.

    *shakes fist at silent readers*

    Esoteric, I strike again! Your wallet must hate me…

    ~Matt Booker

  6. I bought Ravage!

    My wallet has suggested that I stop associating with you. You’re a terrible influence, she said. I personally think you’re a fantastic influence. Ravage is fantastic.

  7. Hi Ho Silverbot, AWAY!


    Deadpool: So, is it true that you puke ball bearing bugs?
    Ravage: *nods*
    Deadpool: OK then, lets go pay a visit to all those assholes that fucked up X-Men Origins: Wolverine


    Deadpool: Giving up the comic rights to you guys was the worst—
    Barakapool: *obviously silent*
    Deadpool: Giving up the comic rights to you guys was the second worst thing Marvel has ever done!

    All credit for the last one goes to ItsJustSomeRandomGuy (http://www.youtube.com/user/ItsJustSomeRandomGuy)

  8. The Jonas Bros? That’s funny, but even more so if you combine them with the ones Monty saw.

    I’m glad you like Ravage, Esoteric. If you check back later this week, you’ll like Ravage even more! (Hint!)

    Monty, I’m not diggin the new GIjoe figures. Snake Eyes looked cool at first glance, but I really didn’t like him in person. I guess I didn’t realize the extent of what you meant by ‘Snake Eyes has lips.’

    Granted, I usually only collect the robot lookin ones (Maybe an accelerator suit will look cool?), but I was hoping I might get something like that from the Cobra Vipers. Nope, they look like evil umpires.

    So no worry about me causing you all to want the Pitt.

    If the movie toys get B.A.T.s I might get one, though.

    Heya Lug D. Pretty funny stuff, and I lol’d at the DP and BP thing. I’ve been waiting on ItsJustSomeRandomGuy to build up more episodes again before I watched the rest. (I tend to do that with series and web comics. I’ll read the archives and then let them build up more before I read them again.)

    ~Matt Booker

  9. I’m going to do review of 5 movie figures later today (Snake-Eyes, Paris Pursuit/’Trenchcoat” Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, and, best of all, Shipwreck), so you’ll see how good they really are then!

  10. “I got a deadpool to play with my ravage but all he wanted was the paper bag that it came in.”


  11. Funny, I never see ads anymore (or if I do, it’s not for long…)

    FF 3.5.2 with Adblock Plus & Element Hiding Helper – GET IT

    Still on the fence about Ravage, but I think I’m about to break down & grab Skids with all the mods I’m seeing pop up…

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