Emo Bee no more!

So, I picked up an Elite Guard Bumblebee as a present for my future Mrs.

After a quick custom mod, I gotta say… He’s pretty impressive. Thankfully he does not have a yellow head, as all the promo, stock, and package pictures show. The yellow that is there actually enhances the black (and the black enhances the yellow in return), with the deep blue of the stingers and his eyes as delicious icing on this creamy cake of animated goodness.

Maybe it’s the tiny eyes of the movie figs, but boy do I enjoy this Bee’s light piping!

All in all, I must now declare him…


Click on the picture for the full quality version. It’s worth a look!

He’s like the batman of animated figures.

Oh, and there’s another reason for this post…

Happy Anniversary Melody!

Yes, we had our first date  watching the Transformers movie. (Neither of us had seen it even close to opening day because we don’t like crowded theaters.)

During a slow part of the movie, I did a dramatic yawn and arm stretch, raising my arms above my head in an obvious motion to put my arm around her. Melody smiled and leaned forward a bit, and I promptly (but gently!) elbowed her in the head.

On purpose.

She looked surprised, then laughed ‘You jerk!”

I laughed and put my arm back down, then waited till another lull in the movie and yawning stretched again… She looked suspicious, but I actually put my arm around her this time.

Hey, I was just making absolute sure she had a good sense of humor. ;)

It’s a good thing, too, because a few days later we were talking about g1 episodes, and how she hadn’t seen it on tv but had a few episodes on vhs that her and her siblings watched a lot as kids. I asked if she’d ever seen the g1 movie, and she hadn’t. Well, I just so happened to have the anniversary copy on dvd, so I let her borrow it.

A few hours later she calls and says, “EVERYONE’S DEAD!”

I respond, “What?”

She says, “THEY’RE ALL DEAD!”

It takes me a second for things to sink in… I hadn’t realized she probably didn’t know that not only did Optimus Prime die in the movie, but also half the characters she grew up with.

Naturally, I laughed.

“It’s not funny! They’re DEAD!”

I laughed.

A lot.

Thankfully I knew she was being overly dramatic on purpose and we had a good laugh together, but she honestly didn’t know about what happened in the movie (or even season 3) and was a little shocked by it.

Again, good thing she’s got an awesome sense of humor. :D

So, Happy Anniversary Melody!

~Matt Booker

12 thoughts on “Emo Bee no more!

  1. Thanks Monty. She’s pretty awesome for not just putting up with me, but augmenting me.

    She’s supportive of my tf\customizing hobby, watched Animated and Beast Wars with me, she’s laid claim to all the Bumblebee’s in my collection (aside from HA Bee) and it was her that brought about the whole ‘activators Bee is psychotic’ theme.

    She’s smart too, and helps me pick apart plots in things we watch and things I write. (That first part is fun, but the second part is especially helpful! Sometimes it’s hard to fill in plot holes if you’re standing in them.)

    Aaaand I’m gonna stop with the gushing and get back to your regularly scheduled comments section.

    ~Matt Booker

  2. I say EG BB is a cross between Booster Gold and Batman ala Justice league back in the early 90’s

    Lucky Man! Then gain, she’s just as lucky since it is you Mr. “Elbow” (I will have to borrow that by the way). HAHA!

    May the good times(and customizing!) be many!

  3. “Code of Hero” became my official test for the quality of a girl and the only example of that test proved a horrible, horrible failure.

    I mean, how can anyone dislike Code of Hero?

    I also encountered something similar to the elbow thing; except I got kicked in the face. But, uh, I digress.

    You should have Activators Bumblebee on the top of the cake instead of those shitty little plastic people. PLAN AHEAD, BE IMAGINATIVE. BREAK AWAY FROM THE SHACKLES OF CONVENTION AND EXPECTATIONS.

    Elite Guard Bumblebee still looks stupid. <.<

  4. Thanks Bosch! I’ll have to mention BG+BM (Bran Glomp Bowl Movement? [Bran Glomp would be an awesome name for a fiber suppliment!) to Melody. I still think I’m gonna get him a battle mask. I may try my own or get the repro labels set.

    Feel free to try out the elbow. ;)

    Esoteric, we watched Beast Wars and Code of Hero still made me misty eyed. I don’t recall what it did to her eyes, but I know she really liked the episode.

    We almost moved on to Beast Machines, but I told her we would later. I like Beast Machines, but no sense ruining the greatness of Beast Wars with a show she may not like.

    As for the wedding, she’s already agreed to having unusual music for when we walk down the isle. I was in a friend’s wedding earlier in the year and they played the theme for Indiana Jones! It was a total surprise and it was great!

    We’ve considered a few things, among them music from Zelda.

    ~Matt Booker

  5. My test for a girl is to watch the ’86 movie with her. If she either understands it all on her own, or listens while I explain things, she’s gold. If she walks out halfway through it or asks questions but doesn’t listen to the answers, well… it depends on various other things…

    Surprisingly, most girls even enjoy it. The only one who got it all on her own now lives in California…

    I want The Touch and Revolution #1 played at my wedding.
    I already got the Touch played at my graduation. They had me set up the music to be played in the background, and I set it up so that as my row walked to get the diplomas, the Touch would play. However, they rows ahead of us were quicker than planned, but it ended up making it better. Right after my name was called “YOU GOT THE TOUCH!” came out of the speakers.

  6. “We’ve considered a few things, among them music from Zelda.”

    Bonus points (and an assured seat in Nerdhalla) for wearing costumes.

  7. Zelda music? Just the IDEA makes you my HERO indefinitely.

    I always get a warming feeling in my heart when someone says that they actually like Beast Machines. That show deserves to be liked. /nod

  8. No costumes. lol

    And Esoteric, Zelda music will be great because people that don’t recognize it will just think it’s pretty, orchestrated music.

    You know, when most people ask me about the tattoo on the back of my hand I just say, “It’s the mark of the hero. It helps me to be courageous every day. Kind of like my ‘what would Jesus do.'”
    And as they nod and start to say something in agreement I add, ‘but with swords.” :D

    ~Matt Booker

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