Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 1

A guide on giving Ravage an articulated tail.

And by articulated tail, I mean fully articulated.

And by fully articulated, I mean 18 points of articulation in the tail (19 if you count gray barb on the tip).

Still interested? Then read on, dear reader!



So we all know the main reason to get Ravage, but once obtained there are some things about him that could be improved. One could be the lack of head articulation, but I’m honestly too enamored with the nom-nom gimmick to care. Another could be the so called ‘lack of alt-mode,’ but that doesn’t bother me. He’s Ravage, and that’s all he needs to be.

So what did bother me about him?

His tail.

Actually, this wasn’t even something that I’d thought of fixing.  However, my future Mrs. was excited about ROTF Ravage and after we got him out of the package she said she really liked him, but his tail bothered her.

One of the reasons she liked Ravage in the movie so much was just how fluid and predatory he moved, but the tail on the toy was so stiff compared to the rest of the figure.

“Well, that’s just how tails on tfs are,” I said. “It’s not cost effective to put a joint on each piece.”

“So fix it,” she said.

I almost said something contrary, some excuse about why I couldn’t.

But then I thought, “Why not?”

I had a couple ideas on how to do it, and went with the better one. I’d never tried anything like this before, but I could say the same about most of my mods. It’s an easy enough concept, but one that presents some interesting problems to which I’ve come up with some creative solutions.

Fear not, though. This guide will walk you through exactly how to do it, and as usual this is something even a first time modder can do!

Come back tomorrow for Step 1 and Part 2 of Ravage- Chasing Tail!

~Matt Booker

9 thoughts on “Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 1

  1. Ya but the box jokes are always sooooo lolsie! And ravage is cute enough to buy if maybee the tail is easy or cool enough.

    how Many joints does the tail have before the mods?! Is it that bad?

  2. Not many!! like 3 or 4 and the tail on mine keeps falling apart (in half)! :(

    Matt this sounds like it will be even better than rampage guide!! i get empatient but the guides are good and i laugh.


  3. It’ll be worth the wait. :D

    Gobot Grimlock, mine had that problem too. It’s a swivel joint that’s designed to come apart easily so the tail doesn’t break. (The breakage is only an issue with a stiff tail, by the way. This guide solves that problem so you’ll have a fully articulated sturdy tail.)

    Bumblegirl, before the mod Ravage’s tail has two hinge joints, a swivel joint, and a balljoint. The balljoint is at the tip, and the swivel is in the middle. The hinge joints are at the base and in the middle.

    ~Matt Booker

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