Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 2

Step 1, Cut a hole in the box.

*looks around*

Well, that was easy.

Step 2, Put your-

Let’s try this again.

ROTF Ravage Tail Mod Guide Tutorial, ACTIVATE!


Step 1, Obtain Ravage

You’re going to need at least one Ravage. If you only have one, this mod will give you a slightly shorter tail. If you have two, you can have the same length tail, or a little longer one. I used two Ravages (I have plans for the leftover bits of the second one.), so mine has a longer tail than it was before.

And really, if you’re going to do all this, you might as well do the longer tail.

Don’t have plans for the second, bobbed Ravage? Why not keep it on display as a Chocobo of Doom?

Don’t like the idea of getting a second Ravage? Don’t worry! First of all, the tail is only about three segments shorter, so it’s not bad. Even with a shorter tail, he’s leaps and bounds better than he was.

Also, you can do the tail mod with one Ravage and then add parts from a second one later! It’s designed to be highly adaptable. You can have as short or as long a tail as you want.

Come back tomorrow forĀ  Step 2 and Part 3 of Ravage- Chasing Tail!

~Matt Booker

10 thoughts on “Ravage – Chasing Tail, Part 2

  1. If I use just one ravage how much shorter is it? If its not much, Ill totally do this.

    … Maybe even with two if its worth it. Gonna have pictures?!

  2. Make the second one a bobcat, since you already have a panther!

    Mo’ Mods! Mo’ Mods! Mo’ Mods!

  3. Is the second Ravage that big a deal to people?

    It’s by no means necessary. I like the longer tail, but if you just use one the shorter tail is not THAT much shorter. I’ll post pictures at some point, Bumblegirl.

    But good news! Not only is the second Ravage not a must, but you CAN add parts from a second Ravage later! :D

    I know you can’t really know unless you had it in hand, but hopefully this guide and its pictures and concepts will convince you about how much this improves the figure.

    Again, if you had it in hand, the difference is huge. (Soon enough, Luke can vouch for this.) And if any of you do the mod and like it, be sure to share your impressions.

    But then again, I’m obsessed about articulation. ;)

    Till then, enjoy the guide. I think it’ll at least be a fun read.

    (BTW, I’m going to edit the entry to reflect this. I really should’ve mentioned that you can add more to the tail later on.)

    And Bosch, I have plans for those parts already. :p

    ~Matt Booker

  4. How did Miss this!

    “First, cut a hole in the LITTER box.”

    Plans? Why do I feel that DP is getting ready to rub Prince Adam’s nose it?

  5. Nah, it’s more like using them as extra parts for something else. :)

    I edited the guide so people that don’t read the comments will know about not needing a second Ravage.

    ~Matt Booker

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